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Dr J did his thang once again!!! Congrats girl you look good!!! How many inches did you end up losing in your waist? READ COMMENT

Good Luck ladii!!! My prayers go out to you!! I wish u a speedy revovery God bless =) READ COMMENT

@booty4real thank you!!! I was suppose to run in one last year around this time . Its for diabetes awareness. My stepdad ,mother and 5 years ago 50+ lbs heavier i was a diabetic, so im runnin for all of us. Im SUPERRRR excited!!!!. Its... READ COMMENT

@CGray at most spas they offer cellulite removal massages .. Theres also vacuum like machines they use ..proven to eliminate 99%of cellulite I'll link a video on it. Exercise is needed too like mzbbl said. Cellulite Removal... READ COMMENT

I glad you asked this question. I have the same dilemma. But i was reading up on lipo this morning. And this article said as a rule of thumb, if you can pinch your fat only half of that can be easily accessible. Example, you might have... READ COMMENT