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What Is The Method To Hide My Scar With Hairloss? (photo)

I Have a Minor Scar on my Right Eyebrow Due to an Accident, and There is No Hair on That Minor Place. I want to hide this minor scar. Is their any method except hair... READ MORE

I Have Heard That Natural Tooth Regeneration is Now Possible. Is It True?

One who has broken tooth, his/her tooth can come back as a natural tooth and also one who has half broken tooth, then his/her tooth can also be regenerated. READ MORE

I Am Now 17 and I Have Minor Cut in my Eyebrow and There is No Hair on That Minor Place.It is Unnoticeable? (photo)

I want to know that eyebrow hair transplant necessary for me or I just forget it? Will it effect my appearance? READ MORE

I Have my Front Half Broken Tooth. What Treatment Should I Go With? I Want to Restore It to Natural Tooth.

Is there any treatment that my half broken front tooth can restore to its natural state without any crowns, fillings etc. If there is no method to restore it to natural state... READ MORE

Can my Tooth Be Reshaped on my Tooth Current Condition? (photo)

I want this procedure purely natural, no fillings, veneers and crown. I want my natural tooth back. Please help me. READ MORE

I Want to Know About my Natural Tooth Structure Behind the Filling?

About 2.5 years ago, I had my tooth filled with a tooth colored direct filling and now after 2.5 years it is good, no chipping, no leakage, no cracking. I wanna know, that it... READ MORE

How Long Do Lumineers Often Last?

How Long Do Lumineers Often Last for Front Half Broken Tooth if Proper Care is Taken? READ MORE

Why Did My Doctor Place A Tooth Colored Filling On My Broken Tooth?

Last Sunday, my doctor placed a tooth colored filling on my more than half broken front tooth. Instead of filling only the broken part, he filled my whole tooth with tooth... READ MORE

Will Lumineers Be Easily Chipped When Placed On Half Broken Tooth?

I want to know that If I want to place lumineers on my front half broken tooth. It will bond correctly to my half tooth? I mean, half surface of lumineer only bond to my half... READ MORE

Does Low-intensity Pulsed Ultrasound Device Regrow Natural Tooth?

I have heard that this device will be use for the regeneration of natural tooth. Is this true or it is just a rumor ? READ MORE

Tooth Colored Fillings for Half Broken Front Tooth?

I want to know that tooth colored fillings are durable for half broken front tooth OR it just chip after some months? I have heard that it is not suitable for half broken front... READ MORE

Remaining Tooth Structure to Handle?

Does Dentists place fillings in teeth that are way too big for the remaining tooth structure to handle? Is it true? READ MORE

Can my Tooth Be Reshaped on my Tooth Current Condition?

Please tell me that I have enough tooth structure to save my natural tooth? READ MORE

Can Tooth Contouring Be Done?

I have my more than half or 3/4 natural front tooth structure with exposed dentin and I am felling sensitivity, the remaining portion broke due to an accident. I want to know... READ MORE

Does It Mean That my Dentin Was Severely Damaged? Read Full Description

In an accident my less than half portion of front tooth broke, after my 1/4 tooth broke, little blood came out and very sensitivity felling started and my doctor placed only a... READ MORE