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50 Years Old Bellafill Under Eye Tear Through

I had Bellafill under both eyes 2012 an d 2013 timeframe, the right eye looks great the left eye still looks swollen or buffy like little worm not too firm, when I press it down it smooths out very nice, but 2 minutes later pops back up, it may be fluid in the area from the PMMA Beads or just irritated and won't go down on its own. My Doctor did a great job, this spot, not sure what happened... READ MORE

Ultherapy Done at Dr. Hankins and Sohn in Las Vegas - Las Vegas, NV

I had Ultherapy done on the lower face area 1 month ago and a second treatment of the lower and some of the upper face and it works! My face after 4 weeks was tighter and the skin did not sag at all anymore. I had a few lines or wrinkles that are gone too. The second treatment I am about a a week out and as my technician told me it would enhance it that much more, I know it is propably... READ MORE

Questions from Callico1

How does Caffeine affect Sclerotherapy?

I had Sclerotherapy on the side of my forehead/Temple area last week. The care sheet that was sent home with me said no caffeine for a week. I was wondering why and how... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy on temple area for bulging veins. How long will the veins look bigger and plump until they go away?

I had sclerotherapy 5 days ago on the my temple area and was wondering how long the veins look bigger and plump until they go away, I have a follow up in 4 weeks, but wanted to... READ MORE

I am just turning 50 and my thigh skin is starting to get a little lax. Which treatments will tighten the skin a bit?

I use sunblock, most of my life I did but not high of a block, I have been tan but try to protect. I don't want a thigh lift, can't deal with the scars, but I hear some doctors... READ MORE

I had lipo done back in 1998 and the doctor took too much fat it seems out of intra buttocks area. (Photo)

Hi, I really need some good advice and help! I went to see a doctor a few weeks ago, he said I did not have enough fat to lift the buttock. What else can be done, I just... READ MORE

Bellafill Under eye in 2012 fluid in area now or maybe blocking something. Any suggestions?

Hi! I had Bellafill under my eyes in 2012 one eye is perfect the other started took like overfill a year later, I think it is fluid, when I press on it it goes down and looks... READ MORE

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You are lucky you have not heard of it! Almost every person, which there are literally over 40 women I know ended up with lumps under their eyes from Bellafill/Artefill, I would say it is the luck of the draw and the person's own... READ COMMENT

I am left with lumps under my eyes, stay away from Bellafill! Looked good for 2 years then the lumps grew! Can't get rid of them it has been 5 years! Do not listen to these doctors that are making money on it, big mistake! READ COMMENT

It does migrate! I also heard they are not doing any further studies on it after the 5 year because they have no competition. The product should be banned. READ COMMENT

Did your doctor microlipo the lumps out once he broke them up with the saline? I have a few lumps under my eyes showed up 3 years later after the product was put in, the dr is only treating me with Kenalog, the F5U did nothing but make... READ COMMENT