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Veneers in Phuket

Hello. I decided to do Emax veneers since you could get them done without destroying your own teeth. My teeth were basically ok but worn on the edge of my front teeth and needed to be a bit whiter. I went to Sea Smile as they were easy to work with when planning the trip and procedure. The staff were nice, polite, and professional. I was disappointed that my teeth were so badly ground down... READ MORE

Lipo in Prague (Beauty in Prague) - Czech Republic, CZ

Had a tummy tuck a couple years ago that left my thighs, rear, and knees a mess for some reason, so decided to do lipo to try to get it back like it was before. Went to a clinic called Beauty in Prague. All seemed good initially, the downstairs staff are pleasant if somewhat disorganized at times. There is a lot of waiting the day of surgery, and remember you haven't eaten since the day... READ MORE

A Very Expensive Mistake - Abu Dhabi, UAE

Basically I wanted a revision of my C-Section scar and a couple inches of skin removed. I think I would have been happy with that as I wasn't seeking a "bikini" body, just a better one. I was fairly fit for my age and enjoyed working out each day including a couple hundred crunches so my tummy was pretty flat and hard, but I had excess skin on the lower abdomen from a pregnancy in my early... READ MORE

Time Will Tell

I just had profractional full face two days ago so it's too early to form an opinion on the outcome. I will say that the areas where he did a lighter resurfacing was quite tolerable and just looks like a bad sunburn. He did several deeper spots though that were alot more painful than anticipated. They basically look like burn holes all over my face right now. They are quite sore and oozing. I... READ MORE

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7 actually, although in the consult the plan was 4. READ COMMENT

You have one of the best results I have seen. Can you recommend your doctor? If so which practice? Thank you READ COMMENT

Hello, I would stick with your gut feeling and not be too influenced by even the surgeons in consult. I have been to many consults and had two breast surgeries. When I go to women surgeons they recommend 250cc where as male surgeons go... READ COMMENT