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Not a Facial Dr - Columbus, OH

Went for a chin implant 3 years ago. Told it was a very simple procedure. Woke up and could smile or feel my chin or inside of mouth. Implant was sitting on a nerve. He wanted to charge me an additional $2k to remove it. Went somewhere else to have it removed still have nerve pain but it's 75% better. Good breast dr but not a facial dr. Wish I saw the signs earlier. READ MORE

Questions from Chicbride

Chin Implant Pain?

I am 11 days post op on a chin implant. I still have numbness and tingles. When I wake up in the morning I am ok, just numb and tingles, however as the day goes on the pain... READ MORE

Chin Implant 7 Weeks Post Op - Crooked Smile/tightness/slight Numbness?

I had a chin implant 7 weeks ago. While things are getting better I still have tightness on my right side, and a slightly crooked smile. It seems to get better as the day goes... READ MORE

Chin implant 7 months later tightness and contractions why?

I am 7 months post op from a chin implant revision from 17 years ago. Since the numbness has worn off 3 months ago I have had extreme tightness on the right side of my chin.... READ MORE

Why don't doctors use button chin implants anymore?

I just got a wing style implant and it has rounded/widened my face. I would like to have this replaced with a button implant but am finding the majority of dr's in my area are... READ MORE

Belly button 10 months post tummy tuck, how can I fix the scar? (Photo)

Hi, I had a tummy tuck 10 months ago I am not happy with the scar line and "bumps" around it. Is there any way this can be fixed? READ MORE

Chin implant revision 2 months post op still having complications. Will it ever get better?

Had a chin implant revision 2 months ago because I had constant tightness and tingles. Replaced it with a button style (had a wing style that was riding too high on one side).... READ MORE

Train tracks aroun belly button one year post? (photo)

How can I repair/improve my "train tracks" around my belly button. My dr says there is nothing that can be done but I don't really buy that. READ MORE

Looking for a doctor in Cleveland to do a belly button revision 2 years post Tummy Tuck.

Hi, Had a tummy tuck and BA two years ago. My belly button has white scar around it, just wondering if there was a dr. in the Cleveland area that would help. READ MORE

Any suggestions on post Tummy tuck belly button revision? (photos)

My belly button has train tracks around it and it screams tummy tuck. Looking for a dr in Cleveland, Pittsburgh or Columbus that can revise? READ MORE

Chin implant looking for fillers. Any suggestions on a type of filler? (photo)

I have a button chin implant that is way too small and pointy. I would prefer not to have a revision since the last time I had a revision tbey put a wing style right on top of... READ MORE

Filler over a chin implant?

Had a chin implant revision 3 years ago to a smaller size, now I have dimpling (Like an orange peel). Is ok to get fillers over the implant? READ MORE

Discussions started by Chicbride

Looking for a facial surgeon in Columbus, OH to fix chin implant

Had a chin implant revision to fix my profile.  Profile now looks great but front view is too wide.  I also have had numbness, now 6 months later tightness.  Too... READ MORE

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Meant to say could not smile READ COMMENT

Thank you for sharing. I had a similar experience two years ago he told me if it looks good I should be able to stand the pain I was in. I went to another dr and he was able to correct my nerve pain. I still have nerve damage but it's a... READ COMMENT

Same experience here. Not a facial ps at all. Wish I knew that before I let him touch my face. He is an excellent BA doctor. READ COMMENT

Gosh I wish I read this prior to my facial surgery at the same place. I think he's more of a tummy BA guy. Was in pain for almost 10 months and just told me to wait and it looks good. Finally went somewhere else and told me my implant... READ COMMENT

Just wondering how long the tingling lasted after you removed it? I just downsided mine since it was sitting on a nerve to a button. Day 6 and the tingling is still there. Just wondering what your experience was? READ COMMENT