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3rd Day PO MM W/ Axillary Breast Tissue Removal - Upland, CA

I feel like this will all be worth it once I see the final result. Right now I am on a scale of 7 for pain but when I get up to go to the bathroom. my back hurts so bad especially around the lats. I can't really tell what my tummy looks like because I'm so hunched over. I won't lie sitting here bored out of my mind on this recliner has got me thinking about how unproductive I've been and I'm... READ MORE

Questions from jemOC2

My Blood Results Came Back W/ Abnormally High RBC 16.5. Is That Bad Before a Mommy Makeover?

Not sure if what to expect as I just got the results and I am scheduled for surgery. :( READ MORE

Is It Normal to Feel Some Tenderness/sensitivity in TT Area Where I've Been Doing the Wet-to-dry W/ Saline and Gauze? (photo)

33 days PO. My PS did some debridement w/ fat necrosis 2 days ago in a small area the size of a quarter/1 inch deep on TT incision. Been changing 3-4 x's/day but I can "feel"... READ MORE

Is It Normal 4 Yellow/green Stuff to Re-appear 5 Hrs of Debriding? Must the Hole Get Bigger to Promote Healthier Flesh? (photo)

My PS told me we need to get aggressive on wound care for my fat necrosis hole TT incision line. He's debrided 4x's in about a 1.5 wks & actually go back again 2day before... READ MORE

Did I Unravel my Muscle Repair? 9.5 Weeks PO TT Bulge/swelling Upper Abdomen & BB Hardening on the Top?

I noticed a bulge on my upper abdomen a few days ago & the felt the top part of my BB hard like scar tissue. I stopped wearing my CG 2 wks ago & have become more active... READ MORE

Scar revision - Itchy and bumby 3 weeks PO. (photo)

Just curious to see if this wound looks like it needs debriding or if it looks like it's on it's way to healing .. Right now I'm just cleaning with water and applying triple... READ MORE

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I think you should seek options .. there is pain and suffering, loss of work, income, and time with your family .. ur ps seems dis-compassionate .. you could be that voice for those who may have been mis-treated the same way. i know... READ COMMENT

U ok? praying for your strength and healing .. feel better .. so sorry you are going all this .. READ COMMENT

Sorry it's been a while for me to reply .. yes - I actually like my binder .. I feel protected like its my security blanket .. lol! I will update my photos but I'm so chicken :-/ I'm still quite swollen and my incisions are not very... READ COMMENT

You give me hope for an amazing recovery! you look awesome! READ COMMENT

Just checking in on you .. i hope the breast implant complication has been resolved .. you ok? what happened :( ... (((hhuugggsss)))) READ COMMENT