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Post op day 3 with campos

I am cursed with no hips, what so ever!!! and can use a little in the back to even my shape out. I want to have Campos for sure do my BBL, but he is booked till the end of July and I want to do it before the end of this month or next month at the very latest! With the profession I am in I do not... READ MORE

Deformed Left Breast - San Francisco, CA

I had surgery with dr. delgado which left my left breast significantly higher than the right. I had a second surgery to correct it and it just made my nipple point to the floor. He said if I had a baby it would fix itself, said it was probably scar tissue, probably not, I had a baby breast fed... READ MORE

Looking at a Breast Augmentation to Correct Tuberous Breast - San Diego, CA

I have tuberous breast and tried to have them corrected, and then the left side corrected again. No good. So I want a revision specialist to make them even, perky, and add implants to move me up to a full D... maybe DD depending on what he thinks. I chose him because he is close, his work, and... READ MORE

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I miss rose Marie. She was soooo sweet!!! Hope ur doing better. Did Marvin tell you what we did before I left?? Lol "took me about an hour but I got it!" READ COMMENT

Ya thats it, its really annoying to keep up with them.. cause you get really nauseated READ COMMENT

I never got to show him my wish pics, so I feel like he did not get a good idea of what I wanted. I should have been more aggressive in showing him, but I will see what my end results are like. Just posting because in your wish pics you... READ COMMENT

I ordered it from some store they have in SD off of H st in that mall. (assuming you are from SD) I actually went there recently and she will show you all the different kinds, how and when to wash them, and answer all your garment... READ COMMENT

Did it on my own because I researched and read how to heal quickly and get optimum results READ COMMENT