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Botox Mishaps

I have only had botox injections about 4 times. One of those times, it caused headaches almost everyday. Another time, it caused one of my eyes to twitch. Another time, I got a migraine that lasted 24 hours, and the injector said he saw more wrinkles on the left side of my forehead so he injected that side and put none on the right side. This caused the weirdest looking science experiment... READ MORE

Jessner's Peel for Melasma - Cedar Park, TX

I have been battling with melasma for years, and my dermatologist recommended a Jessner's Peel. I got my first one in October. My new skin looked awesome, and I was so happy. But the results only lasted one week! I got a second Jessner's peel a month later, and this time the results lasted three weeks. I plan on getting another Jessner's in 2 weeks. I am curious to see how long the results... READ MORE

Vi Peel- won't do it again!

I got a Vi Peel to help me with my melasma. I am on day 5, and the peeling is pretty much all gone which was unexpected but great. However, the skin that has been revealed is not impressive at all. Not only do I not see a noticable difference in my melasma, but I can't help but wonder if it got worse in a couple areas. The tone and texture is not pretty. My skin is usually soft and oily. ... READ MORE

Melanage Peel Works - Cedar Park, TX

I had melasma on my upper cheeks and nose, & the patches were starting to crawl down my cheeks. After trying numerous treatments and products I finally took my doctor's advice & paid for the melanage peel. I am SO GLAD I did it! All the melasma on my nose went away, as did the melasma on the lower parts of my cheeks. I still have melasma on the upper parts of my cheeks, though. I would... READ MORE

Questions from travellingfool

How many layers should one get for a Jessner's Peel?

I had a Jessner's peel that did virtually nothing and caused no peeling, and then I have had Jessner's peels that caused me to to peel a ton of skin for many days! The... READ MORE

What is the most effective anti-oxidant, especially for one who suffers from Melasma?

I heard the essentials to an anti-aging regimen are: sunscreen, retinoid, and an anti-oxidant. I think I have the first two covered pretty well, but I am wondering what is the... READ MORE

Do I need to stop using tretinoin before my hydrafacial treatment?

I have been getting chemical peels (Jessner's and VI peel), and I have discontinued tretinoin two weeks before the peels to play it safe. Do I need to do this before I get a... READ MORE

Jessner's or Glycolic acid peels to reduce melasma?

I have melasma all over my face, especially on my cheeks. Is it better for me to get light glycolic acid peels every two weeks or to get Jessner's peels once every three months? READ MORE

Allergic to hydroquinone. Which is better to treat melasma: frequent glycolic peels or less frequent Jessner's peels?

I have been struggling with melasma for years, especially on my upper cheeks. Is it better to do lighter glycolic peels every 2 weeks with no peeling or is it better to do 2... READ MORE

What type of chemical peel is right for me? I'm allergic to hydroquinone.

I'm 41 and have the butterfly melasma mask. My heritage is half mexican and half italian. I got a melanage peel years ago and loved the results but have since developed an... READ MORE

What is microneedling for melasma?

I have the butterfly melasma mask, and I would love to know ways I can treat it. I am allergic to hydroquinone. I have heard of microneedling and Clear and Brilliant. What... READ MORE

Why don't I peel any more from chemical peels? The first 2 worked great! What's going on? My goal is to lighten my melasma.

I got a Jessner's Peel in Oct & Nov. My ENTIRE face peeled like CRAZY both times. I got the Vi peel in Dec. I peeled around mouth but that's it. I got the Jessner's in March. I... READ MORE

How can I safely assist peeling after a chemical peel? I went in for a Jessner's/10% TCA peel 8 days ago.

I have these 2 dark dry scabby patches under my eyes. It looks really bad, & it doesn't look like they will be gone in 1 1/2 days for work! What can I do to safely assist this... READ MORE

Melasma treatment with chemical peels. How often can I get them done?

I have melasma and am allergic to hydroquinone. I have tried many hydroquione free topical treatments for my conditon, but they aren't effective. I would like to get TCA peels.... READ MORE

How do I buy prescription tretinoin cheap?

My insurance won't cover my tretinoin prescription, and it would cost me $300 for a tube. How can I purchase prescription tretinoin for a LOT less than that? Is there a... READ MORE

Hydroquinone makes skin itchy and red. Does this mean I can't do a melanage peel?

I have melasma and got the melanage peel done a few years ago. I loved the results and would like to do it again. However, I've noticed that when i use hydroquinone cream on mg... READ MORE

Melanage peel vs cosmelan peel. What are the differences between the two and which is better?

I have been struggling with melasma for many years. I got the melanage peel a few years ago. It significantly improved my skin! I'm thinking about getting it again, but I seem... READ MORE

Facial exercises to prevent aging - Do they help or hurt?

I have come across information and videos on facial exercises where people do things like form the mouth into an 'O,' raise eyebrows and hold them, stick the tongue out as far... READ MORE

I started using Fabior (tazarotene) Foam 0.1%. My derm recommended it for some weird white bumps I had on my nose.

I thought I would use the prescription on other parts of my chin because I am prone to acne there. I was clear when I started applying the medicine, and I thought it would help... READ MORE

When I first started using Tri-luma for my melasma, it worked really well. Now it doesn't seem to work at all.

I have been battling with melasma for years. I got a prescription for Tri-luma in June. At first, it worked really well, and I was pleased with the results. I took a two week... READ MORE

Spironolactone and melasma - Will this exacerbate my melasma?

I am in my 40's and still suffer from very oily skin which causes break outs and a nasty skin texture appearance. I also have really bad melasma, mostly on my upper cheeks. I... READ MORE

Accutane and melasma. Any suggestions?

I need to go on Accutane, but I am 42 and I suffer from melasma. I do not want to get on a birth control that will exacerbate my melasma. Is there a good birth control option... READ MORE

Recent comments from travellingfool

I disagree - a peel, itself, can cause pigmentation. I got the Vi peel in December and NEVER went outside in the daylight. I stayed inside my house and ONLY went outside in the dark. I completely gave up all social activities so I... READ COMMENT

I also tried the VI Peel for my melasma. It actually made my melasma worse immediately. I kept getting told that the new brown spots would peel away, but they never did. It was over a year ago, and I still have them. I wish I never... READ COMMENT

Are there different cosmelan peels? There are two different melanage peels. The one I did was the one where a person would do it just once every 12 months. It cost more, but one application did wonders! I saw immediate results. I... READ COMMENT

Please keep us posted on your results. I did a different version of this peel called the Melanage. I saw fantastic results. I do not see a difference on you. READ COMMENT

What's the verdict? Did the peel help? Would you recommend it? READ COMMENT