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Surgeons Qualified for Surgically Altering a Hyperactive Mentalis Muscle That Results in Slight Pebble Chin? (Purely Aesthetic)

Given the rarity of this issue & the preponderance of its treatment with Botox (which I'm uninterested in due to its temporary nature) locating a surgeon who has... READ MORE

Silikon 1000 for Mentolabial Crease?

Is a deeper Mentolabial crease considered a mark of unattractive-ness? Could Silikon 1000 injections be a viable option for evening that area out a bit? READ MORE

Are the Air-filled Breast Implants Called Implite Available for Use in the United States?

I've read a bit about these and am very interested, though extensive information doesn't seem available. The infrastructure consists of a honeycomb design; they are 1/3 the... READ MORE

Silikon 1000 for Slight Lines/hollows Near Semi-epicanthic Fold to Further Smooth the Area and Achieve Increased Symmetry?

I'm Caucasian but often mistaken for Asian due to eye shape. Though I basically have an epicanthic fold (I appreciate & see as beautiful exotic trait) I'd like to inject... READ MORE

Smoothing a Faint Line in Otherwise Epicanthic Fold to Achieve Symmetry? (photo)

I'm Caucasian and often mistaken for Asian due to noticeable epicanthic folds. I think it's an exotic pretty trait. For a Caucasian I appear to have epicanthic folds but upon... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Attain Wider Set Eyes by Surgically Altering Skin at Inner Corners? (Pre-existing Epicanthal Folds)

Hello, I was curious if this would be a surgical possibility? I am a Caucasian and already have epicanthal folds, so if the skin surrounding the tear ducts could be manipulated... READ MORE

Oculoplastic Surgery for More Wide-set Eyes? (Re-positioning Orbits)

Online, I've read of nothing but the financially unfeasible nature of such a procedure & how complex it is (i.e. cutting into facial bones and screwing them into their new... READ MORE

Revising Misinterpreted Previous Question Regarding Surgically Making Eyes Appear to Be Further Apart by Altering Inner Eyelids?

It's an example from an obscure website, but if you note the change in eye distance between the illustrated before & after, you'll see what I'm asking about. Note: The... READ MORE

Is Altering the Medial Canthus for Further Apart Eyes a Surgical Possibility? (photo)

Is it possible to alter the upper & lower inner eyelid junction to get further apart eyes? I found a website with a hypothetical story regarding a futuristic group of... READ MORE

What is this under eye/upper cheek anomaly formally referred to, and what are some permanent treatment options? (Photo)

I found this photo online, and am very impressed with how natural and refreshed she looks after having that little crescent that extends to the cheekbone corrected. But a) I... READ MORE

Does the presence of silastic malar implants pose complication for effective surgical treatment of midcheek groove? (23 yrs old)

4 years ago at 19, I got cheek implant surgery. The right side took longer to heal, due to a relatively minor postsurgery infection on that side. One day I puffed up that cheek... READ MORE

Can braces fix possible crossbite and move lateral incisor into more ideal spot in gumline? 23yo had braces removed at 15(Photo)

I know my teeth are pretty well off, but I do believe my bite has a possible issue and that my smile would be all the more aesthetically pleasing if that pesky incisor were a... READ MORE

Hyperactive mentalis muscle.How many Botox treatments will I do a year for treatment of its appearance?Is surgery a safe option?

Would visible, post-surgical scar tissue problems be a very prominent concern after surgically altering this muscle to prevent its unsightly contractions? Would Botox be a... READ MORE

Is it possible to trim/reshape a silastic malar implant WITHOUT a removal and reinsertion process? I want to keep them in.

I had two malar implants placed in March of 2011. While the visual result is pleasing, I am bothered that the left implant extends further down my cheek, creating a ridge near... READ MORE

What is the chance of something going wrong when getting your temples injected with Silikon 1000?

I seem to remember seeing something mentioning potential blindness being a complication when silikon 1000 is used to add volume to the temples. That is, of course very... READ MORE