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Hi how are you feeling I had the same thing done 3 weeks ago. I've healed pretty good so far. The breast are the killer though I'm still in discomfort not enough to take pain pills but just uncomfortable. They fill full of milk but I... READ COMMENT

Hi socalstarlight your new ones look great yesterday was 3 weeks fit me. I had a lift and implants. One is 500cc the other is 475cc I'm not as in pain like the 1st week but omg I'm still in discomfort. I saw my ps yesterday and told... READ COMMENT

Omg... It was like going through baby Blues I to found myself crying to myself but that had passed now. On my 2nd week of recovery still achy I hate wearing my garment good luck READ COMMENT

Have you been able to release? This workedr for me the same day with in 4-5 hours. Colace 1pill and drink 16oz of prune juice trust me you will empty!! READ COMMENT

No your not your in pain I went through the same thing READ COMMENT