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Alar Base Reduction -- How Important is the Doctor?

I realize this is a loaded question... But my sister worked for a plastic surgeon and she said the alar base reduction is rather simple... And I am contemplating if its... READ MORE

Male Puffy Nipples -- Fix Without Full Gyno Surgery?

Hello I am a rather lean 32 year old male with puffy nipples. I would say I have Type 1 Gynocomastia. I was wondering if its possible to have my nipples fixed without the full... READ MORE

Alar Base Reduction - Am I a Good Candidate?

Hey I am a little bothered by my nostrils, especially when I smile. They flare out a lot and are rather large. I often think a slight reduction would help my appearance.... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a hair transplant - am I balding? (photo)

Hello I am a 33 year old man. My father is not bald but has a high hairline. I too have a high hairline. However, I recently have been told my hair appears to be thinning on my... READ MORE

Best way to get Rid of Skinny-Fat / Subcutaneous Fat?

I am a 33 y/o man and I like my physique. I am about 148 lbs and 5-11". I do not feel fat, however, I do feel "skinny-fat" where I have some subcutaneous fat. On the side of my... READ MORE

Hello I am a 34 year old male and I am concerned I am balding. Am I balding? (photo)

Hello I am a 34 year old male and I am concerned I am balding. My father isn't bald, nor is my older brother. But my mom's father was, I believe. If I am indeed balding I am... READ MORE

How can I find a reputable hair-transplant doctor in the Minneapolis / Saint Paul area?

Hello I am looking for a hair transplant specialist in the area. I do not trust google searches and I also cannot find it on realself. READ MORE

Good candidate for a lip lift? (Photo)

Hello I have always wanted a better "Teeth smile". When I smile my teeth barely show. is it due to a long upper lip? I was wondering if you could look at my photos and tell me... READ MORE

Could coolSculpting make my abs more visible?

Hello I am about 16% body fat. I can kind of see my abs. I was wondering, if I used coolsculpting on my ab area, could it really "bring out" my ab muscles? READ MORE

Is CoolSculpting less painful on the love-handles?

Hello I had CoolSculpting done two weeks ago on my lower abdomen. Its been a painful journey, but most of it has finally gone away. If I get results, I might want to do it on... READ MORE

Is non-invasive there a way to increase muscle size appearance?

Hello. I'd like to increase the size of my muscles without doing implants (or working out like a madman). Is there a way to do it without implants? READ MORE

Is there a non invasive procedure to reduce nostril size?

Hello. I have flared nostrils. I have thought of an alar base reduction, but it seems a bit extreme. Is there a way to reduce my nostril size without surgery? READ MORE

Coolsculpting: Do Less Fat Cells in an Area Reduce Visible Fat Gain ?

Imagine there are two identical twins, Joe and Jake. Joe has Coolsculpting done to the the abdominal area. 3 months later, Joe has less fat cells in that area. Both men begin a... READ MORE

If you Coolsculpted the same area 5 times, when would diminishing returns appear?

If you Coolsculpted the same area 5 times (or more), when would you stop seeing further results? From what I understand you can do it twice and get up to a 40% reduction. But... READ MORE

How do I get rid of fatty skin texture? (Photo)

Hello I am a 37 year old male. I am pretty slim, probably 16% body fat. However, on the sides of my torso, the skin/fat layer seems to have some slight texture/wrinkles to it.... READ MORE

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After day 12 it quickly gets better. Hang in there READ COMMENT

Hey quick question: you mention in your log that you used a compression tank top. Or something of that sort. I have an ice bag that I wrap around me. I got it on amazon. But now I am wondering if its not the ice but perhaps the... READ COMMENT

Awesome. Thanks. I just fear I will have permanent nerve damage. I am fine with ice packs.. and I consider myself to have a fairly high pain tolerance. But today I just ran some errands and I was screaming in pain while driving my... READ COMMENT

Wow great to hear. This is tough I don't feel it fading. I'm on day 9 or so. READ COMMENT

I had coolsculpting done onmy abdomen a week ago today. At about day 5 the numbing subsided a bit but was replaced by that shocking nerve pain. It feels like soemeone was stabbing me with an ice pick. I am using ice, tylenol, and some... READ COMMENT