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It has been 13 days since the allergic reaction and 5 days since I completed taking the meds. The blister look has improved a lot, but I still have some swellin in one eye and some discoloration. I can hide most of it with concealer. I... READ COMMENT

Yes, the steroids helped. I finished taking the steroids 5 days ago. The swelling in under one eye is completely gone, but under the eye that had the most hyaluronidase injected still has some swelling. Until this morning it was getting... READ COMMENT

Eyebagshell, I don't know if I told you this, but the reason I got the filler was because my daughter was getting married and I wanted to look my best and that was 3 weeks before her wedding! The doctor told me that I would look... READ COMMENT

Eyebaghell, the hyaluronidase will probably work fine for you. Most people don't have reactions and I'm back to looking almost like I did before the hyaluronidase. If I wasn't allergic to it, I would have to have more injected as it... READ COMMENT

To eyebaghell - I would recommend checking into having an expericed doc remove the restylane by making a very fine incesion (nothing that leaves a mark)to take out the restylane. I wished I would have done that instead of the... READ COMMENT