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Revision Rhinoplasty-Septoplasty + Chin Implant

This has been my second surgery...the first one was a disaster (see my previous review), so after almost 2 years I decided to have a revision. I chose a new ps, very skilled in revision rhinoplasty and I think the result is amazing compared to my starting point. He also suggested a chin implant in order to balance my profile...good choice! He performed lateral osteotomies, inverted V... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - Bad Result

Hello everybody! I'm Francesca (24 yrs), I come from Italy and this is my 3rd days after open rhinoplasty. I decided to have the operation due to my long nose and the absence of naso-frontal angle (as you can see in my "before" pictures). My doc didn't break my nose but he smoothed my bone to finally create the "angle", so fortunately I don't have evident bruises around my eyes... READ MORE

Questions from karitexxx

Upturned Nose - 4 Days After Surgery? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty on 8th March so today is the 4th day after surgery. I know that the nose is very swollen but it seems to be very upturned...and nostrils haven't the same... READ MORE

Columella Scar - I'm Worried About It? (photo)

I had an open rhinoplasty 11 days ago. This morning I've replaced tapes and I'm shocked by the scar. It is irregular, and on the right side seem that a piece of skin is missing... READ MORE

Open Roof Deformity? (photo)

I'm 4 weeks post-op (open approach). I think to have an open roof deformity because the surgeon didn't perform osteotomy...now the bridge is not so wide but it is quite flat.... READ MORE

Columella Scar 30 Days Post Op? (photo)

Hello,I'm 30 days post-op (open rhinoplasty). My columella scar is not healing very well as you can see in photos. My surgeon told me the skin has slided a bit on the lower... READ MORE

Deflaction Caudal Septum - How is Difficult to Correct It? (photo)

I'm 2 months post-op (open rhinoplasty) and really dissatisfied with the result. Before my columella was ok and my nostrils were symmetric... My doc said the problem is my bad... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty-is It Possible to Fix my Nose? (photo)

I'm 3 months post-op (open approach, no osteotomy,no septoplasty). The result is really bad, my pre-op photos seem a post-op...I know that I will have to wait a full year... READ MORE

What's the difference between the different methods used for chin implants?

I know that it is possible to use two methods, intraoral or outside of the chin. What is the different and which is the best method? Thanks. READ MORE

Small lumps after chin implant (7days post-op). Should I be nervous? (Photo)

I'm 7 days post-op (rhynoseptoplasty+chin implant). I noticed 2 small lumps under the skin on my chin. They are about 2mm in size - 1.5 cm from each other, they seems "lipomas"... READ MORE

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Ciao, oltre alla fascia ho altri innesti prelevati dal setto nasale e posizionati nella parte alta del dorso per correggere la V invertita. READ COMMENT

Hi DEBbyron, I did a lot of research before found him. Unfortunately I don't know directly other patients but I saw 2 other people in the lounge and results were very good. Hope it helps. READ COMMENT

I'm experiencing the same!My profile is almost perfect while my front view is uneven...after cast removal everything looked ok, so I hope it's just swelling!I'm 25 days post-op. READ COMMENT

We are post-op "twin" :) I'm at day #4 of rhinoplasty + chin implant and I'm starting to feel better now. My swelling in the past days was incredible but fortunately now it's reducing.You look better than me in photos...did you have... READ COMMENT