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All Done!! 304cc Mod Plus

I have an appointment this week to speak with my PS about a couple of revisions of my TT and BA. I am more nervous about this than I was the first time around. For one thing, then I definitely wanted the surgery, my body was a big mess! This time I feel like I'm being picky. My bellybutton looks large, puffy and unnatural... I have avoided showing it all summer. Second, I am disappointed... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck - Cincinnati, OH

After several pregnancies with large babies, I had a large protruding belly that was often mistaken for a new pregnancy. I was told only surgery could correct the damage. Now a month out, I feel it was completely worth it. I am now able to stand up almost straight and have only mild tenderness around my incision and liposuctioned flanks. My scar is red and uneven but not inflamed. It is long,... READ MORE

Questions from Misty3351

Still Flat After Breast Implants?

I am 5'6 120 lbs with 200 cc saline low profile unders implanted a month ago. I look disappointingly flat. Would a small change (50 cc) make a difference? READ MORE

Sizing System for Saline Implant Revision?

Is there a good sizing system for Allergan saline implants that can be used for a size revision? My initial choice was by stuffing implants in a bra and the results seem far... READ MORE

Do You Add CCs When Sizing for Implants Placed Under the Muscle?

I heard that when sizing using saline implants in a bra you should add 50-100 cc if going under the muscle. Is this true? READ MORE

Why Does My New Belly Button Seems a Little Odd over a Month After Tummy Tuck? (photo)

My new belly button seems to be healing well but I can't help but think this is not what it should look like even at this early date. It has no depth and pulls slightly to my... READ MORE

Using the Same Pockets in Revision to Upsize Breast Implants?

I am considering a revision to increase the size of my submuscular implants. My PS said a revision would be relatively simple a he would reuse the same pockets. My current... READ MORE

Is my TT Navel Too Damaged for Revision? (photo)

I had a successful full TT 2 months ago, but my "new" navel is large andn wrinkly. While there is a hood, you cannot see it because my navel sticks out. It even shows as a... READ MORE

My BA Scars Are Below the Creases?

My BA was performed 2 1/2 months ago and has settled nicely, the implants are well positioned and centered on my nipples. My 200cc saline implants were placed through crease... READ MORE

Comparing Saline and Silicone Implants?

I am 5'6" 118lbs and my PS measured my BWD as 12.5cm. I have minimal ptosis after breastfeeding so no lift. I am debating which Allergan implant to get: 286cc Mod silicone... READ MORE

Is this bulge normal a year after tummy tuck? (Photo)

Even after thousands of crunches and a year of healing, I still have a bloated looking stomach. The photos are midday, and it looks a little better first thing in the morning,... READ MORE

Discussions started by Misty3351

Swelling with TT and BA combo at 2 months.

I had a full TT with flank lipo and BA back in February 2013.  I continue to wake up skinny and go to bed with varying degrees of swelling depending on how much I exerted... READ MORE

Recent comments from Misty3351

To me, you know you got the size right when you can 'play them up' or 'play them down' according to the occasion and your comfort level. Sounds like you hit the sweet spot!! READ COMMENT

I had the "some days I feel a little big" reaction too. For me it turned out those days were the week before my period. I never noticed it before implants, probably because it made little difference to my saggy pre BA boobs. You look... READ COMMENT

Perhaps before committing to any procedures you should get a second, third, fourth... opinion. Not all surgeons charge for the initial consultation, none of the ones I consulted did. They aren't defending their own work and can be... READ COMMENT