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Breast Aug. Revision for Rupture

I called Dr. Lipschitz office the day I noticed my implant had ruptured and even being as in demand as he is they got me a consult that day! I have done tons of research on having them redone knowing I'd need it soon. Dr. Lipschitz has amazing reviews and for good reason. He's amazing, he wants you to know he cares and is listening to your concerns and wants you to be comfortable and happy. He... READ MORE

Questions from Thatcrazymomlady

My Obgyn said he can remove a bit of excess skin during C-section but it wouldn't be a tummy tuck.

I have a bit of loose skin/stretch marks from my first pregnancy and this will be my last. Obgyn said he can remove bit of excess skin but it's not a tummy tuck. Would it make... READ MORE

First time chemical peel user. I have sensitive skin usually but this produced no redness or results? Should I try it again?

Last night I did my first ever chemical peel. I used Ole Hendrikson power peel. I didn't get red, feel any tingling or discomfort and my face looks and feels exactly the same.... READ MORE

Inspira reg gel/soft touch issue? Had replaced for saline rupture, chose Inspira soft touch and got reg gel. Reason seems odd.

Breast revision this AM, specified to my rep I chose the soft touch filling and mentioned it to surgeon,he is amazing,however I looked at my implant card and was given the SRF,... READ MORE

Ruptured implant repair uneven and worried.

I am less than two weeks post op of having my implant revision done. So I assume all the cutting and releasing he did on the ruptured side made that breast "looser" if you will... READ MORE

Can my breast pocket be sewn slightly smaller to correct uneven breast augmentation results?

I had a ruptured breast implant so they were both replace. The ruptured side is now looser and lower by about an inch. Can the pocket the zone slightly to even it out? The... READ MORE

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Excited and Scared, BBL in a Few Weeks. Need Encouragement!

Hi All, I have been checking these forums for months and now I finally joined to talk,hear first hand stories and get some support! I am only 5'1 and about 126lbs now. Im... READ MORE

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I'm only 5' tall and had a pretty big butt for a white chick already. I really wanted lipo of outer thighs and waist but my ps was like why waste good fat. Soooo here I am looking like coco!!! I haven't posted pics cuz my other half... READ COMMENT

I went to the ps today, he injected 1000cc's to each side! He didn't ask how much I wanted but I let him use his judgement. That being said I only wanted a little oomph back there, I'm worried ill stay looking like a porn star or... READ COMMENT

I am one day post op and my rear looks huge! I'm Hoping my ps only used about what yours did. Not to ask for tmi but were your lady parts swollen? Mine are sooo swollen I almost can't pee! I agree rolling out of bed is the hardest thing... READ COMMENT