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Severe Facial Wrinkles, Loose Skin and Deep Nasolabial Folds at Age 22, What to Do? (photo)

Dear experts, I need your advice. I am 22 but look +10 years! I started noticing wrinkles at about age 20 and it's just getting worse and worse. Also, I developed deep... READ MORE

Inherited Heavy Brows and Deep Nasolabial Folds (22 Years Old)?

I inherited heavy brows and very deep nasolabial folds. I've already done blepharoplasty but there's hardly any difference. People give me +10 years which is so depressing at... READ MORE

Is a Brow Lift Suitable for a Person with Connective Tissue Disorder?

Is a brow lift suitable for a person with connective tissue disorder? (I have heavy brows and creases on my forehead) Are dermal fillers also safe to use? How long lasting are... READ MORE

Low and Heavy Brows at 23? (photo)

I am 23 and I've always had low positioned brows (I also have very deep set eyes) but a few years ago I also started to feel a lot of pressure above my eyes, my eyelids were... READ MORE

Uneven Nose (Leaning to the Right), Big Nose Tip? (photo)

My whole face is very unsymmetrical and so is my nose. It is leaning to the right. My profile slightly to the left for example looks totally different than to the right. Also,... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Lips, Sad Looking Lips/ Middle Face? (photo)

The center of my upper lip looks quite full, but the rest of the lip looks like that something is missing. Are my lips suitable for Juvederm in that area to make it more even?... READ MORE

What Else Can I Do If I Had Unsuccessful Botox Brow Lift? (photo)

After reading your advice in another question I decided to first try Botox for lifting my brows because of the heaviness I was feeling on my eyes (also because of deep set... READ MORE

Least Invasive Brow Lift Methods?

Hello! I'm interested in different brow lift techniques that are the least invasive and suitable for a 23 year old female. I think in particular my outer part is a problem. I... READ MORE

2 years post-op & suddenly very hard and also very painful breasts. What's wrong? (Olympic level athlete training)

Dear realself team, -25 yrs -elite gymnast -1st op 2012 (200cc Mentor mod+) - - - revision in 2013 (325cc Mentor HP) -submuscular position (at least partially) After my... READ MORE

Botox/dermal fillers brow lift - durability and results. (photos)

Dear experts, I've had a non surgical brow lift with botox and dermal fillers but I would like to know what is the average durability of this procedure since I think the... READ MORE