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Nearly Shut Eyelid

I was injected with 15 units (supposedly less than the usual 20) to treat my frown lines, the vertical wrinkles on my forehead between my eyes. Five days later I woke up with severe eyelid droop over my right eye, and 7-10 days after the injections the eyelid was completely shut when I was relaxed. I could strain to keep it open to see, but only for about an hour or two at a time. When I did... READ MORE

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Yes. I actually wore an eye patch for a public speaking event and told people I had an eye condition. The good news is that is does go completely away. It just takes time. READ COMMENT

I am so sorry. I basically hid in my apartment for several weeks before I started to notice improvement. I worked from home and cancelled social engagements. That was the last time I ever did Botox. Never again! READ COMMENT

Except sex is a biological drive and injections are not... We can be beautiful and have great sex without them. :) READ COMMENT

There is never any way to guarantee proper injection and there is always a risk--one that I, personally, am never taking again after my eyelid droop last year. Avoiding injections completely is the only way to prevent the dreaded droop. READ COMMENT

Amen, Becky. I agree with you 100%. READ COMMENT