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I think it's really important to understand that you are so much more than you're appearance, first of all! HOWEVER I understand completely. Unfortunately all of these injectables are not an exact science. We are constantly perusing... READ COMMENT

Sorry, I got carried away. I now have an autoimmune disease, and there's nothing anyone from a medi-spa COULD do to help me. I think one should always err on the side of caution when it comes to warnings. I was not warned. READ COMMENT

No. I actually feel as though people do NOT wish to help me? Why is the issue so hush hush? Alright, was vanity perhaps on my part, YES, but NOW I'm sick. Really in trouble, and I need help. The medi spa that injected me wants to deny... READ COMMENT

I was looking for the class action, actually! READ COMMENT

This was my problem as well, and I have found another similar report. Apparently it is the Radiesse carrier gel that caused the allergic reaction. Mine has been prolonged, systemic and severe. READ COMMENT