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Does Pulling the Nose Make It Longer? (photo)

My middle part of the nose is really short. I pull the part that is between your 2 nostrils and the attachment of lip to try to make it longer. Does it work? While I pull my... READ MORE

My Eyes Are Asymmetrical. Will This Heal? (photo)

One of my eye is slanted and the other's not. It seems like the eye without the slant seems to twitch on the bottom eyelid while the other does not. I'm still 13, but will this... READ MORE

Does Non-surgical Nose Jobs Lengthen my Nose? (photo)

I want to have a non-surgical nose job, since I'm still 14. I feel that my nose is too round and flat, so I would like to have the tip made more sharper and extended as well as... READ MORE

What Causes Non-surgical Rhinoplasty to Fail? (photo)

I've heard that Non-surgical rhinoplasty (fillers in the nose) can go wrong sometimes. Does your nose really rot off? I really want to extend the length of my nose, but do I... READ MORE

Can I Lengthen my Nose at the Age of 14?

I'm very concerned about my nose; flat, wide, and short. I want to fix this to boost my self esteem as fast as possible. What are the best options for my age to sharpen and... READ MORE

Does Extending the Nasal Bridge Make You Lose the Epicanthic Fold?

When I pull the skin between my eyes (as it might become when I extend the nasal bridge) it seems that the epicanthic fold is gone. Does extending the nasal bridge make you... READ MORE

Does Extending the Nasal Bridge Make You Lose the Epicanthic Fold? (photo)

When I pull the skin between my eyes (as it might become when I extend the nasal bridge) it seems that the epicanthic fold is gone. Does extending the nasal bridge make you... READ MORE

How Much Improvement Can a Rhinoplasty Do? (photo)

My nose is flat, round, and tip-less. I really want a triangular nose. Can Non-Surgical rhinoplasty bring this much change? If not, will surgical rhinoplasty bring this much... READ MORE

I Have a Triple Eyelid. Is There Anyway to Fuse All the Folds Together?

My eyelids have more than 3 folds. I like the thickness of it, but sometimes the top layer folds onto the bottom layer, creating a single eyelid. I would like to fuse all these... READ MORE

The Outcomes of Radiesse Nose Job and It's Limits? (Multiple Questions)

I'm a 14 female, and I'm planning to get a non-surgical nose job with radiesse. Can I do non-surgical fillers on the tip of my nose to make it pointier? If I augment my nose... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Change my Nose to my Ideal with Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I was playing around with photoshop to see what kind of nose looks best on me. My idealistic nose is that of a pointed tip with a more prominent nasal bridge. Is this possible... READ MORE

Will Augmenting This Much of the Nasal Bridge Give Me Eye Corners? (photo)

I'm thinking on getting a rhinoplasty that will change the height and sharpness of my nose dramatically. When I pull the skin between my eyes, it stretches the epicanthic... READ MORE

Are Rhinoplasty Procedures Improving over the Years?

I am currently 14, and I'm looking forward to get a rhinoplasty that will make a huge difference on my nose. I will like to get this rhinoplasty at 16. Will the procedures... READ MORE

Is This Much Change in Rhinoplasty Possible? (photo)

Before, I was told that my photoshopped idealistic image of my nose was a bit too unrealistic on the tip. I've remade my photoshop. Is this a realistic result? My desire is to... READ MORE

Can I Suggest Changes on my Face That I Desire?

I want to have changes on my face that asian surgeons may not find "attractive as a girl". I just desire a nose and brow ridges that are more of a caucasians. Will I be able to... READ MORE

Brow Ridge Augmentation?

I'm asian and I want a more prominent brow ridge to prevent direct light into my eyes as well as looking more caucasian with deeper set eyes. Is there a possible procedure with... READ MORE

Is This Much Grafting Possible in a Rhinoplasty? And is There Any Procedures to Augment Brow Ridges? (photo)

Sorry that I'm asking so many questions. It's just that I want my results to be as precise as it can. Is there a procedure to augment my browridges to make my eyes look a bit... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Expand Skin Mass?

I want to get a dramatic rhinoplasty which will require a large amount of double grafting in order to get it to my ideal nose. I've noticed the silicone that shows beneath the... READ MORE

Does Facial Implants Continue to Grow with You As You Age?

I'm planning to get cartilage grafting on my nose, and I heard that cartilage continues to grow forever. I kind of want my cartilage implant to grow as I age, so my nose... READ MORE

What Are the Materials Used to Augment Your Nose Bridge and Brow-ridges?

Is it bone? Or if it's not, does it eventually merge in with your skull? READ MORE

What is the Most Natural Nasal Bridge Implant? Does Implants Show Up As You Age?

I've seen many people with silicone implants in their nose, and the implant is quite prominent. It seems to show up under the skin. If I get radix and cartilage grafting, will... READ MORE

Does hydrogen peroxide based skin bleach bleach the skin permanently? (photo)

The bleaching cream has three components, one a pre-bleach cream for moisturising, then a hydrogen-peroxide based bleaching cream with a powdered activator (ammonium based with... READ MORE