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Will Removing a Hump and Reducing an Overprojected Tip on a Long Nose Make the Nose Look Shorter Vertically? (photo)

I have what i believe to be a long nose with a dorsal hump and overprojected nose, my questions is about how my a hump on the nose plus a over projected can make the nose look... READ MORE

Can You Have a Large Nasal Spine Which Pushes the Columella Down Without Having a Tethered Lip?

And if so does removing this bone give you a shorter nose? in theory would this be moving the base of the nose? Is it normal to feel a prominent bone directly under your... READ MORE

What Are my Options for Shortening the Vertical Height of my Nose Without Tip Rotation? (photo)

Without rotating the tip of the nose what are my opinions for shortening a long nose? (radix to bottom of nose) Could you please explain the process also and how these methods... READ MORE

Can a Rhinoplasty on a Long Humped Nose Improve the Appearance of Close Set Eyes?

I heard that narrowing the bridge of my nose can make them look worse, can someone please clarify what's true and whats false and also explain all the techniques on the nose... READ MORE

What Are the Signs of a Large Nasal Spine and What Can Be Done About It?

I don't have a tethered lip but when i feel my columella i don't feel any cushion/space just a hard bone directly underneath touching the flesh, is this normal? could this be... READ MORE

Lowering Radix and Hump Removal Do Both Techniques Give Similar Results?

I was wondering if these two methods give the same result and if not can you get hump removal + radix lowering in the same op? READ MORE

Can I Get my Alar Sidewalls Retracted Upwards?

Using my hands I'm able to retract my alar sidewall upwards, is it possible to get surgery to hold it in this position I also have a very projected nose so could this be... READ MORE

What is Classed As a High Radix? (photo)

I was wondering what height is considered a high radix Does the nose on the photo have a high radix? READ MORE

Lowering the Radix Vs Deepening the Radix, What Affect Can These Bring to a Nose?

I understand that lowering the radix will change the starting point of the nose but what change will deepening the radix do? Can deepening the radix help when making a nose... READ MORE