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I Was Wanting to Know What Kind of Results I Would Most Likely Get with the Mommy Makeover, A Full TT with a BR and Lipo? (photo

I am 5'7, 165 lbs and need a TT and BR so bad but still want to lose more weight before the mommy makeover, before I got pregnant I weighed 137 lbs, I don't want to have the TT... READ MORE

What kind of results I would get from a Tummy tuck by looking at my photos along with my height and weight? (photo)

Also I am getting it out of state but still in the USA about 10 hours from where I live! Would I be able to ride all that way back home the same day or would I have to stay at... READ MORE

I was 202 lbs but now I'm 178lbs. I will be 160 or 150 by the time of my consultation, would I need to loose more weight?(photo)

In my pictures I have some stretch marks above belly button about an 1 1/2 or 2 inches would they be removed also? If not where would they end up after the tummy tuck? Also the... READ MORE

The panties I am wearing cover my C-section scar! Would the incision be made low where it will get rid of my scar? (photo)

Would it be a low incision? How much skin (in inches) between the new belly button and pubic hair line can I expect to have? Also would all the stretch marks above the belly... READ MORE

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Would like to know where you got your outfit from I love ❤️ panthers READ COMMENT

Wow you look amazing READ COMMENT

Thank you it's still gonna be a while till I get all the money saved up but I also been trying to lose more weight before I have the tummy tuck and keep it off! Cause I want to have the most amount of skin removed READ COMMENT

Aww I'm sorry to hear about that I hear a lot of people have soreness and it takes a good while for full recovery but I'm glad you're happy that you look And feel great in a bikini now can't wait to have mine done and I'm still choosing... READ COMMENT

Hey girl do you have any recent pics from your tummy tuck and back lipo! I met with Dr.Schrieber and his staff and now am saving up money for my tummy tuck and lipo READ COMMENT