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I Was Wanting to Know What Kind of Results I Would Most Likely Get with the Mommy Makeover, A Full TT with a BR and Lipo? (photo

I am 5'7, 165 lbs and need a TT and BR so bad but still want to lose more weight before the mommy makeover, before I got pregnant I weighed 137 lbs, I don't want to have the TT... READ MORE

What kind of results I would get from a Tummy tuck by looking at my photos along with my height and weight? (photo)

Also I am getting it out of state but still in the USA about 10 hours from where I live! Would I be able to ride all that way back home the same day or would I have to stay at... READ MORE

I was 202 lbs but now I'm 178lbs. I will be 160 or 150 by the time of my consultation, would I need to loose more weight?(photo)

In my pictures I have some stretch marks above belly button about an 1 1/2 or 2 inches would they be removed also? If not where would they end up after the tummy tuck? Also the... READ MORE

The panties I am wearing cover my C-section scar! Would the incision be made low where it will get rid of my scar? (photo)

Would it be a low incision? How much skin (in inches) between the new belly button and pubic hair line can I expect to have? Also would all the stretch marks above the belly... READ MORE

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You bathing suit looks a lot like the one I picked out the first one but mine is pink black and white READ COMMENT

Omg you already look sooo amazing girl your doctor done a wonderful job on your body :) did you have a full or extended tummy tuck? READ COMMENT

Thank you and yes I also use my fitness pal and love it READ COMMENT

How far down did he make your incision? READ COMMENT

What's your height and weight? And did you loose weight before the TT! I was 202 and I'm down to 178! I want to be around 150 or 160 before my TT at the end of June READ COMMENT