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Will Bump Go Away? 6 Weeks Post Bump Shaving.

I had nose surgery about 6 wks ago. bump was shaved,right nostril & tip reshaped using ear r nostril look much lower than the left(feels like bump). i asked my... READ MORE

Can Bump Be Fixed with out Open Nose Surgery?

I had cartlidge graft placed to reshap nostril. i have bump on right side nostril rim.(about a 16th of an inch difference from the left nostril) i am only 6wks post op , but if... READ MORE

Difference Between Cartlidge and Swelling?

I had cartlidge graft/to reshape the right notril . i noticed what looks like a bump( making right nostril look lower than the left) im almost 8wks post op. md said to wait and... READ MORE

Could Cold Cause Nose to Swell More, 2mo Post Op?

Its been 2mo since nose surgery(reduced bump & reshaped nostrils w/ear cartlidge) i recently got a bad cold/congestion/for about 4xdays now. could this cold cause my nose... READ MORE

Will Right Nostril Improve Within Time?

I had nose surgery,about 2 mo ago. removed cartligdge from ear to help reshape nostrils. right nostril seems to be much lower than left. md said he did use cartlidge in that... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait B4 Scheduling Another Nose Surgery?

I had nose surgery 11wks ago(ear cartlidge used to reshape nostrils, bump was shaved down) my l nostril is too high, r notstril looks lower. i now have a new bump on the left... READ MORE