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Soon Rhinoplasty Istanbul, dr Emre Ilhan or Baris Cakir

I am mid 20's and have been wanting Rhinoplasty for many years. I don't have a big nose, but jet too big for my face, I would like to; remove tiny dorsal hump, shortening the tip a bit and columella (no necessary narrowing of the tip), narrowing nosetrils tiny bit. I have researched all surgeons around the globe, since I am very aware that choosing the right surgeon, first time, is extremely... READ MORE

25 yo Attempt to Improve Bad Lipo Outcome of Thighs and Knees - Beverly Hills, FL

Hi everyone, First some info: I'm from Europe, if necessary I will fly to the states for revision. I am 1m74, 25yo, very skinny, about 120lbs. Had lipo 6 years ago, my thighs and knees look horrible. It need to be fixed asap, I am still searching for the right surgeon to do the job, therefor it took me all those years. It seems very difficult to find a surgeon that is capable of fixing these... READ MORE

BBL with Doctor Aslani in Spain! Can't Wait - Spain, ES

Hai there, So I desided to open a new review, since I am not going to Yily anymore. I have payed my deposit and I am ready to go to dr. Aslani. For sure I will be in safe hands, now hoping that his results for BBL and fat grafting are as good as his nosejobs! =) Some information about meself: 26 years old. 1.74 m, used to be 120 lb, gained some weight for BBL so now I am 124 lb. My plan is... READ MORE

Questions from Ann_eu

How Can Me and my Doctor Prevent Keloids or Ugly Looking Scars, Pre/during and Post Having a Liposuction?

I had a liposuction a view years ago, the scars above my buttocks and under my buttocks turned out very big and ugly. Even if I have been extremely careful with not stretching... READ MORE

Which Treatments Should I Have After Aqualipo/smartlipo to Improve the Outcome?

I had a lipo 3 years ago, around my thighs it left a lot of lumps and bumbs, it looks like my thighs are one big cellulite, while I never had cellulite before, If i remember... READ MORE

How to Smooth out Cannula Traces, That Become Visible After Swelling is Gone, 3 Weeks PO?

I had two liposuction procedure, one on my "saddle bags" and knees with traditional liposuction 4 years ago which left bumbs and cannula traces, now I have done a second... READ MORE

Is it possible to safe fat from a liposuction for a transfer a view months later?

I am a very skinny person (25), with a view places where I would like to have fat grafted to: correct previous liposuction deformity's, hands, maybe someday face. I need a lipo... READ MORE

Does micro liposuction of bumps and after using a basket cannula without suction work to improve liposuction deformities?(photo)

Laser lipo wouldn't be the best option since I need the fat to stay or keep for future fattransfer, not to dissolve, since I'm very skinny (25yo). I just want to spread it out... READ MORE

Can cellulaze break up scar tissue under the skin from previous liposuction, or only break the bands?

I was wondering if cellulaze is strong enough to break up some scar tissue from previous lipo. I am very skinny and I would like to improve my previous lipo result, to smooth... READ MORE

What can you do to check if lumps under skin after liposuction are remained fat or scar tissue. A scan? (photo)

Can you do a certain scan or something, to check what is going on under your skin after liposuction? READ MORE

Is micro liposuction and fat transfer something that should be done ONLY by PLASTIC surgeons?

I see many cosmetic surgeons, dermatologist and others that perform microliposuction, laser liposuction, fat transfer (face, small areas), etc. I always thought that only... READ MORE

Is it recommended to put fillers 1 year before a fat transfer to see how much cc is needed and to see how it looks? I'm 28.

My surgeon suggests me to put fillers before fattransfer, I am 100% sure that I want extra volume in my cheek. I doubt his advise. I think that you get better results if you... READ MORE

Could Cellfina help to break bands, when you have liposuction irregularities in combination with micro lipo of some bumps?

Was wondering if cellfina could help with liposuction irregularities as these are very close to the skin, maybe by detaching the skin first with cellfina and then use... READ MORE

How deep must fat be inserted when performing a cheek fat transfer? How do you make sure that you won't damage a facial muscle?

I saw that the face has different layers. upperskin/superficial fat/muscle and deeper fat. What is the best technique to perform a good Cheek fat transfer? READ MORE

How much cc is minimum required for small cheek fat transfer in young person (26) due to volume loss and genetics? (photo)

I've had some consultations and every dr. says something different. One said 5cc total, 1.75 in each cheek and 0.75 each nasolabial. Other said 6cc total 2 in each cheek and 1... READ MORE

I've heard rhinoplasty surgeons in Istanbul are good + most use ultrasonic. Can I trust their technique and results? (Photo)

I am considering a rhinoplasty in istanbul since I've heard and red that they have very good rhinoplasty specialist (dr emre ilhan, dr.Abdülkadir Göksel, Barış Çakır),. On in... READ MORE

Can you have small facial fat graft (total 8cc) under local anesthesia?

I want a small fat graft to my upper/front cheeks, 2cc both side and 2 cc around lower cheek/nasolabial both sides, total 8cc. Lipo could be done from 1 zone, only from the... READ MORE

I want fat transfer to my hips but I am too skinny. Can adding stem cells from blood to fat cells create more fat cells?

I am very skinny, but want fat transfer to the hips, can you 'create' fatcells somehow? For instance by adding stemcells from blood to fatcells and transfer the mix, to create... READ MORE

Does rhinoplasty 'let down' or 'push down' technique harm the function of your nose. looks scary when dorsal hump is pushed down

A PS I consulted often uses a 'let down' or 'push down' technique with closed technique. My nose is almost the same as right photo, and left is what I wish, so a small overall... READ MORE

Discussions started by Ann_eu

Group for members that search a Liposuction Revision specialist, let's share info!

I had a botched lipo about 8 years ago, I was just 18 yo, skinny 1m74 120lbs super smooth no cellulite and very ignorant. I wasn't aware of the risk for lumps, dents and... READ MORE

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I am sorry to read this. Wish you the best! READ COMMENT

So sorry to read this, I hope the final result within a view months will be bearable to live with. I've red it can take about 6 months before everything heals. good luck READ COMMENT

I am looking for baris cakir. No idea if he's good with revision, but I know he is capable of using rib grafts and such, he seems good. I like him better then emre READ COMMENT

I only see lot of fillers, lipo, breast on instagram. He's not a nose specialist for what I found. I saw one nose on his instagram and I didn't like that one that much. Many Turkish surgeons have instagram account with lots of pictures.... READ COMMENT

Hello :) This was my list: dr emre ilhan <--- Best of all the once I've researched. Also in Istanbul! DrTaskin Yucel <-- bit piggy noses and not that good revisions dr Abdulkadir Goksel <-- naturel nose, natural narrow. Not all... READ COMMENT