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How Can I Increase Melanin Production in my Skin Safely?

I would like to be able to tan easier and have a slight darker complexion. not too dark though READ MORE

How Can Someone Get Rid of Facial Redness? (photo)

I know someone that has facial redness and wants to get rid of it they will suddenly turn red on the cheeks and forehead.Not sure if its blushing though or like rosacea.Also... READ MORE

How Can I Darken my Complexion Slighty from Picture One to Picture Two? (photo)

I need help i know its not a bad thing to be light skinned but i want to permanentaly darken it slightly but not too dark. I would really appreciate doctors help and need a way... READ MORE

What's the Best Thing to Use to Help See Better Results when Working Out?

My friend's 15 year old brother wants to begin working out and want lsnfast results, what is the best product he can use to ensure the best results? READ MORE

What Are the Best and Safest Self Tanning Pills?

I want a self tanner that won't turn me orange and if there are any i would like one that only gives me a slight tan i can't go from pale white to a real dark tan in a few days... READ MORE

What's the Best Thing for Me to Use to Treat my Rosacea?

I have frequent blushing and i now know that it is caused by rosacea. I have been using Eucerin redness relief wash and facecream but it doesn't seem like its working. I... READ MORE

Can Using Things Like Self Tanning Pills or Cream To Increse the Melanin in Your Skin?

I heard that using self tanners can increase the melanin production in your skin leaving it a permant slight darker complexion then you started out with. Supposivly it turns... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Redness?

In school, my whole face will turn red and then my cheeks will remain red. However, my arms also turn red and i get red blotches that look like hives on my legs,chest and... READ MORE

How Can I Gain Muscle Weight?

I am a 15 year old male, 5'5" and weigh 116lbs. I have a very fast metabolism and work out at least 4x a week. I have tryouts for a football team and am required to gain weight... READ MORE

How to Treat Skin Redness?

Mostly in school but occasionally out of school my face will turn red and I will develop red blotches on my chest,stomach,arms,legs and neck. My dermatologist and doctor both... READ MORE

Whats the Most Reliable Self Tanner?

I heard that Jergen's tanning cream is good but I want to make sure that I buy a product that will give me a nice light tan and not turn my skin orange. I also don't want a... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Random Redness?

Mainly in school but occasionally out of school my face will turn red and I will get random red blotches on my arms, legs, chest and neck. I was prescribed antihistamines but... READ MORE

Should I Use Jergens Natural Glow Self Tanner? Are the Safe?

I know this maybe isn't the place to ask about a self tanner but I want to slightly increase my skin tone because I'm pretty pale. I've asked about get a darker skin tone on... READ MORE

Safe ways to build muscle?

What are the best things to use to gain muscle after a workout. I know the usual is protein shakes/powder added to milk but are there any supplements that work well? I see ads... READ MORE

Flushing of the face is this social anxiety?

I am 16 years old and for about the past 3 years i have flushed(turn completely red in the face) and get red blotches on my arms, legs, chest and neck when i flush. During the... READ MORE

What is causing the flushing of my face and red itchy blotches all over my body?

I'm a 16 year old male, sexually. My face gets red everyday and occurs mostly in school or around a crowd. I also get red blotches that appear on my arms, legs, thighs, neck,... READ MORE