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I alway stay listen to your body it know best .things may say 10, 20 ,minutes but everyones diffrent what right for one may not suit you and it should not hurt after were you need to take painkills of the pain and best to do scars in... READ COMMENT

I tryed a vary watered down 1 on hands its peeling but it way to slow been about a week still trying to peel thinking of doing it again what you think READ COMMENT

For me 3 days after peeling skin is all good. redness all gone had good cream for it still ictching abit but that new skin healing would i do it again hmmm before this point would of said no way but now still thinking would but would... READ COMMENT

You souldnt put make up on yet to help with redness use Aveeno cream with Calloidal Oatmeal you can get it from boots READ COMMENT

I think she feel very low right now without you all going on what should of happened right now she needs to heal and surport from you all to stop her getting to low so try getting her back up and then looking at thing she can do and... READ COMMENT