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Reviews by SuzQnew

Scar revision after one year after Tummy Tuck

Cannot wait to be on the flat side! At age 54 I wish I could have done it 19 years ago after my third child's birth. Happy to be doing it now! I found a great doctor close to where I live. I loved his staff, no one was snooty. I liked that only half of his work is optional cosmetic surgeries... READ MORE

Vi Peel not as bad as I thought it would be

The vi peel acid was applied this morning at 11:30. I was out by noon and did a little shopping. First the esthetician cleaned my face, she really didn't need to, I had just showered and had not put on any type of moisturizer or makeup. Then she wiped it down with acetone to remove any traces of... READ MORE

Questions from SuzQnew

In a Previous Post a Doctor Said, Beware the "Franchise" Procedures, Procedures Given a Fancy Name" Please Give Examples?

I'm 5'7"; 147 lbs; age 54. I'm looking to have a tummy tuck done and I'm in the process of interviewing surgeons. I met with a plastic surgeon today that suggested an Avelar TT... READ MORE

Surgeon Wants Additional $400 for Pain Pump for TT or I Can Go Without, is This a Common Practice ?

After much homework I thought I had found the best Dr. for my TT and lipo. During my consult he explained that he places a pain pump in the surgery site for pain management.... READ MORE

Is a large water weight gain common right after a tummy tuck and lipo?

Had a tummy tuck yesterday. I drank a ton of Gatorade all day yesterday because I was so thirsty and stepped on the scales this afternoon and weigh 9 pounds more than yesterday... READ MORE

Hard area above incision, could it be a hematoma or fat necrosis?

I'm 17 days PO from full tummy tuck with lipo to the flanks and back. I've never smoked and I am in good health. The area above my scar is very hard and darker colored than the... READ MORE

What is happening when I go out in the cold, my skin feels like it's shrinking to half it's size and I'm so tight and rigid?

I'm 2 days shy of 4 wks PO from a drainless TT with MR and lipo to back and flanks. The cold weather has been bothering me since the beginning. When I go out in the cold my... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck scar too high, will a revision to lower it be possible for me in the future? (Photos)

7 weeks p.o., the Board Certified PS should have made a vertical incision on me and lowered the scar placement. I'm very short waisted. I have 5.75" between center of BB and... READ MORE

How to massage liposuctioned areas?

I'm just 8 weeks PO from a full tummy tuck with lipo to the flanks and back. The tummy tuck healing was a breeze compared to the liposuction. Some of the lipo areas are still... READ MORE

Who knows more about skin care and skin treatments, a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist?

Who knows best about how to treat aging skin, a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist? My PS offers peels and skin treatments. I think of a PS as someone who can drape skin... READ MORE

Can anything be done for my hip bumps? Am I stuck with this anatomy? (photos)

I had a tummy tuck 4 months ago. Now I'm noticing other areas of my body that may need attention if possible. I have a flat butt with concave sides. Would liposuction help... READ MORE

How do I find a PS that has good reliable results for a fat transfer to breasts?

What should I look for in a surgeon and what questions should I ask? What percentage of fat survival is common in 2014? How much fat can be safely placed in each breast? Is... READ MORE

I'm getting scar revision done on my Tummy Tuck scar. It was placed too high, a bit hypertrophic. What should I expect? (photo)

My PS did not give me any pre or post operative instructions. Should I take time off work? He said that it would be skin only revision of the entire scar. I'm not sure what... READ MORE

Fat transfer to face, how soon after Juvederm filler?

I would like to have fat transfer to my face in December, however I had filler done at the end of March. Will I need to wait for the filler to completely disappear from my... READ MORE

How long after lumpectomy and radiation will I need to wait before I can have fat transfer to the defect?

I have a small 8 mm invasive ductal carsonoma ER+ PR+ HER2-. It will be removed soon. I have very small breasts and believe surgery will result in a very noticeable defect even... READ MORE

Looking for board certified PS in SE Michigan who does fat grafting after breast cancer surgery to lumpectomy defect

I've had a lumpectomy to my right breast at the 3 o'clock location. I recently completed whole breast radiation treatment. I would like a recommendation for a surgeon in SE... READ MORE

Discussions started by SuzQnew

Negative attention from being thin after tummy tuck, what to do?

I had a tummy tuck and lipo to the back and flanks 6 months ago. One year ago when I made up my mind to have surgery I knew I wanted to lose 20 lbs to be at my optimal weight.... READ MORE

Recent comments from SuzQnew

You are very brave to go through implant removal! I had a terrible hypertrophic tummy tuck scar that I had revised and it turned out really nice. I'm glad I did the revision. Revisions can improve the scar. I hope you can find the... READ COMMENT

Thanks for your review beYOUty! I feel very happy being small breasted, however I am seeking a small fat graft of 150cc's to each side. I'm 56 and was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer last September. Because of the radiation... READ COMMENT

LolaG, glad that you are being cautious. Getting a baseline mammo after fat grafting is important. Ladies, don't rely on a mammogram or your physician to find a cancer early. Knowing your breasts and checking them occasionally may save... READ COMMENT

Thanks! I had a lumpectomy for stage 1A, grade 2, 0 nodes. I'm looking for fat grafting and I have heard it helps with the after effects of radiation as well. It's nice that you were able to have nipple sparing MX! You look fantastic! READ COMMENT