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David have you thought of doing a round of Accutaine? That was the only medication that stopped acne cycle I was on and they never came back. Miracle cure as far as I am concerned! READ COMMENT

Have you looked into juvaderm injections? If the scars are deep the filler can be a lifesaver. The IPL lazers I've done helped quite a bit to eliminate the darkened spots left by the acne scars. READ COMMENT

I had an ipl Lazer procedure done yesterday. Just noticed some of the small freckles are getting a bit darker. Any suggestions to move this process ahead faster so the freckles will go ahead and fall off? READ COMMENT

Thanks so much for your documentation. I also have the lower belly pouch and regardless how thin I got the pouch remained. I was so upset about it and thought it looked so bad that I purposely gained weight because I felt that I... READ COMMENT