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Should I Put Juvederm in Vermillion Border on my Lips, or Would That Create Fake, Unnatural Look? (photo)

I already had juvederm done about 2 months ago, and even after procesure i felt like I wanted upper lip just a little bit bigger.This is my 2nd time doing it. However, the very... READ MORE

Why do my lips get swollen (especially upper lip) after Juvederm, while sometimes my lips don't get swollen at all?

I am so confused as to why my lips get swollen after juvederm, while couple of times after the treatment I had minimal (if any) swelling. I follow same instructions each... READ MORE

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Ok. Thank you a lot for trying to help me. Its very appriciated. READ COMMENT

Do you think i should let the swelling go down first and then try baking soda then? Since its only been 3 days since i had it done READ COMMENT

I'll try. It just made it seem like baking soda madw my lips even more swallen...thats why i wanted to ask you about it since you already have tried it. READ COMMENT

From inside, i can actually see the filler. You think baking soda would help there? I appriciate so much you taking your time to answer. I truthfully look like a duck. Its so ugly. Even when I smile, looks so wrong, READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for replying back. So baking soda didnt really dissolve juvederm in your lips? READ COMMENT