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Need a Butt Fast - Flushing, NY

Hello does anyone know anyone in Queens NY that does PMMA injections? Will keep info super confidential. Just received the proposal of my life. It would be beautiful to get this done as soon as i can. I am scheduled to go to DR in September. This just came up. Please help me if anyone knows. I will take the info to my grave READ MORE

Desperatlyseekinghelp -

This is my story, Hello, I am in desperate need of help. I have nevDominican Republic, DOer had the body that I want. No matter how much weight I lose my butt always goes first. When I gain weight it all ends up in my mid section and I look like I have a tire around my waist. I do not even know what size my waist is anymore. I did have liposuction done 4 years ago and that did help... READ MORE

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Can someone give me contact info on someone who does PMMA injections in Queens NY. will keep info confidential. Please help

Super desperate to find someone in Queens to do PMMA injections.  I am going to DR in september to get some things done. But i just got a proposal and would love to get... READ MORE

Does anyone know of someone in Miami that is good that will do BBL and fat transfer?

I have quotes from DR, but I am also trying to see if there is anyone in Miami that will do BBL and LIPO reasonable.  Or does anyone know if any of the doctors from DR... READ MORE

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Hi, Yes she did. I am actually all set and just have to get back to her as my date get closer. I am scheduled to go the first of September. She has been fantastic with getting back to me. She did mention that it may take her 7-10... READ COMMENT

I will. Thanks so much for the encouragment. I am checking on airfare everyday looking for specials. I hope these months fly by. You are so lucky to be going in June. I cant wait to hear your experience. I am trying to learn some... READ COMMENT

Yes is does suck. I was ready to go jump on a plain now. The wait is going to be the longest of my life. I also have to get a passport. The last time I traveled out the country you only needed your birth certificate. I don't care... READ COMMENT

Yes, I did not get a chance to post it. Dr. Yily got back to me with a quote and all that I need to bring and do before I come. I am in the process of getting the date pinned down with my job and then just need to book my flight. I... READ COMMENT

Dr. Yily responded back to me and I was so excited that I cried. I had to send her some pics which I did. She said she will help me. I am moving forward. I am so happy this is like a dream come true. Just to gain my self esteam back... READ COMMENT