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In the link i posted in the article, I read that the fillers can actually be contaminated with the actual bacteria that the proteins came from. Also, studies were done on fillers without added chemical and with (crosslinked with epoxy... READ COMMENT

Please see article re: reactions to dermal fillers (chemically modified versus non-chemical). READ COMMENT

Dal Sacco and colleagues (2005) described a patient who developed multiple tender nodules in the nasolabial fold 4 months after injection of Restylane. Biopsy revealed the presence of sarcoid-like granulomas. Interestingly, the patient... READ COMMENT

It depends on the autoimmune disease in question. Some will show certain abnormal labs, some can only be diagnosed via signs on a CAT scan or X-ray - I keep mentioning Sarcoid bcuz my docs suspect I have it, but as an example - blood... READ COMMENT

I forgot to mention the nausea that started at the monent I was injected and the loss of appetite along with all the other flu symptoms which is resulting in pretty significant weight loss - my smallest jeans are too big :-( This is... READ COMMENT