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Lipoabdominoplasty Doctor Near Boston?

I'm a 24 year old female recently ex smoker. After major weight loss and having a child, I am in need of a Tummy Tuck to feel normal. The risks however have me at bay. I've... READ MORE

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Sounds like you had capsular contracture. Once this happens, regardless of the fix there is a very high chance of happening again. There is a very high risk for this. And should of been explained to you prior to surgery. Id suggest... READ COMMENT

I would not return to this doctor to fix your breats. It sounds like a lot was done wrong. There is a risk of infection with any surgery. Its higher than 1/1000. My plastic surgeon was sure to point out if an infection happend in... READ COMMENT

Your words are needed, as it is a foreign object being implanted. Regardless saline or silicone. More people should be informed of the risks to make an educated decision and not just think of the end result. READ COMMENT

Youre still in the healing process, breasts are like 2 different procedures and heal at 2 different rates. Hence one may be tighter/higher for awhile. Your final result will not be for a couple to several months when you finally "drop &... READ COMMENT

No plastic surgeon can guarantee cup size, if they did then you should state youre unsatisfied and remind them they guaranteed cup size. Take notice in the fact that implants look smaller than actual breasts too, a DD looks more like a... READ COMMENT