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The Decision to Breast Reduction - San bernardino ca

Okay so this is my story, I have always had big breast okay which wasn't necessarily a bad thing at the time they were hard and perky and I love them I take so many pictures of my because because I was in love with . Between kids gravity in the heaviness a it did not last for long they kept growing getting heavier becoming more of a burden on my second shout into thousand 14 they have... READ MORE

Lets Buddy Up for the Biggest Change of Our Live Why Do It Alone Aug.5 - Dominican Republic, DO

Hello all I have decided to go with Yily De Los Santos, MD for my bbl and full lipo of the body plus inner thigh and chin. I am 26 and a mother of one handsome looking 4 month baby boy. I was married for 7 years getting a Divorce ,nothing bad just time, and I def. want to treat myself to the curves I been wanting for a while , looking to book for the month of aug.5 def would love to buddy up... READ MORE

Questions from Tiffanyv24

I'm 5'9" and I weigh 230 pounds 2 kids 28 years old, I have 42 triple H breast (Photo)

I just got my authorization letter from my insurance to go see a board-certified surgeon what the next step with insurance after I see him. I was thinking of getting around and... READ MORE

I seen my Plastic surgeon about breast reduction and he ask if I was ok with permanent numbness in my nipples?

He will be using anchor method, anchor natural method I know there's a chance of nipple numbness I know there's a chance of nipple numbness permanently. So my question breast... READ MORE

My surgeon told me I would have permanent nipple numbness. My breast are 42H. Any suggestions? (photos)

If my plastic surgeon is talking about permanent numbness is going to perform a If nipple graft). The technique used will often times determine the chances of nipple sensation... READ MORE

My insurance found a plastic surgeon to do breast reduction he's board certified but can't find before or after pictures of work

Is this a red flag I met him he was nice I have found out a lot about him and his work over 20 years but I can't find pictured of his breast reduction work anywhere online... READ MORE

I want to get my nose re-shaped. What's the best way to go and am I a good candidate? (Photo)

After two kids seems like my nose has gotten thicker and fuller and I would love for it to go back to its natural state but I don't think it will . I'm looking to get my nose... READ MORE

I plan on having my last baby within the next 3 years. Can I can liposuction to get rid of excess fat in belly/back? (Photo)

Would this be a good idea are wast of money , I know a tummy tuck isn't idea right because I want one more baby, some would liposuction be a idea to get rid of the hanging in... READ MORE

Nipple graft (photo)

I got a second doctor opinion on my breast reduction and I have 42h and he said because my nipple was low and blood supply isn't really getting to nipple, but I keep reading... READ MORE

Question about nipple being larger than the other and cone shape. Will the shape change other time? (Photo)

Had a breast reduction and i love them just I'm just worried about the shape it like a cone shape will that change over time I'm 12 days post so I know it's soon and one of my... READ MORE

Recent comments from Tiffanyv24

No they look great girl ..perfect size . I have mine 23rd. Did you get a nipple graft READ COMMENT

What size did you get reduction to? READ COMMENT

My day is nov.23..congrats you breast look great what size did you get reduce to? READ COMMENT

Did you have a nipple graft? READ COMMENT