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Questions from D.arc

I Had Dysport .6cc and I Need to Know is This is Large or Small Amount?

Hello I rely need ur help I have been injected for my first time by dysport and I don't like the result at all I look like a devil the dr infected me between the eye brow the... READ MORE

Dysport with This Amount when It Will Wear?

Hello about the 500. Vial this what they told me .please do u mind if u tell me when it will wear off and one more important thimg she injected me first above my right eye brow... READ MORE

500 Vial of Dysport? How Long Til it Wears Off?

I hope I find an answer for my nightmare I sent my qui before about dysbort ihad it in Dubai it was very bad I look like evail i look scary am going throw bad time the dr in... READ MORE

Dysport 3 Months Ago Between Eyes. When Will it Wear Off?

Hello pleas I had dysport 3 month ago and I had a rely bad experience and iam waiting for it to wear off iam 29 years old and think I shouldn't do it I didi it between my eye... READ MORE

Dysport Overdose?

Hello again,iam still suffering from the dysport I have a qui would some one answer me iam 29 years old and I had dysport between my eyebrow and above my eyebrows. what can I c... READ MORE

Dysport Have Turn my Life Up Side Down?

Hello its been 5 month and a half since I got my dysport and it is still strong I had large dose of dysport which Chang my face to ugly face u always says it will wear off 4-6... READ MORE

Dysport can last more than 1 year?

Hi it's have been 11months and still the dysport didn't were off it's still strong I had a little improvement iam scard that will never go I had bad result from it droopy... READ MORE

Dysport has ended my life

Hello can't explain how debress iam I had dysport 13 month ago and I still have the ugly effect in my face droopy eyebrow look freak can I know till when I have to wait 4 this... READ MORE

Recent comments from D.arc

Iam sorry foe what happened to you iam daying from dysport was my first injection it's destroys my life wish to die not worth it to stay like that please would u tell me did u get back to normal iam 29 years old please let me know READ COMMENT