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Hey Ambergirl424, I know this response is waaaay late and I haven't yet read your more recent updates, but I wanted to say how sorry I am to hear that you're struggling with those things. A lot of people here and on other reviews have... READ COMMENT

I'm really sorry to hear this didn't work, Vinovixen and goldleaf. I'm thinking about buying this as a massage tool because I think the claw-shaped pieces would help to loosen the knots in my back (used very gently). I've been reading... READ COMMENT

I'm sorry to see that you got not one but two duds :| I've been thinking about buying one of these as a massage tool to loosen up "knots" and tight areas in my back, but I've seen several reports now of people getting defective... READ COMMENT

Vancouver238, I was also interested in Ultherapy when it first came out but very reluctant, having heard of the exact same damage from earlier RF devices. For awhile I kept up with new developments, always hoping that newer generation... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the review-- I hope you'll continue with the updates even after the 3 month mark. I too have researched this procedure and the high rate of dissatisfaction, in addition to prior knowledge about similar devices and treatments,... READ COMMENT