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It depends how long the needles were (0.25mm or less? you're fine. Use it for product penetration) and how much information you were given. I've rolled many times with medical length needles, but I also did months of research first,... READ COMMENT

I really wish we could edit comments! Google helped me find what the implant I was thinking of, they're called "endotines". Is that what you were referring to? There are some discussions here on RealSelf about them, including this one:... READ COMMENT

Christina, if you can find the information, could you send it my way? I think I know the plastic implant you're referring to; I was intrigued when I read about it. It doesn't seem to be very popular among cosmetic surgeons, though, and... READ COMMENT

Gn68, you almost definitely still have some swelling, even though it might not be obvious to you. I've been interested in fat grafting for years, and all the doctors I've consulted with say it takes at least 12 weeks, sometimes much... READ COMMENT

Don't quote me on this, but if I recall correctly, Allergan makes both Careprost and Lumigan /Latisse; they're simply sold in different markets. This is a common practice for pharmaceutical companies. READ COMMENT