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Juvederm - Unbelievable Bruising

I actually didn't pay for the Juvederm injections directly so I don't know their cost. My doctor gave them to me because I did not get the results he had described to me from Total FX skin resurfacing that he did, and he said fillers would work better around the mouth area.I'm on day 4 and my face is black and blue from the nasal-labial folds down to my jaw line on e READ MORE

Total FX Results After Six Months

I had Total FX in June/09 over my entire face with the deep treatment around the mouth area and a scar near my nose. I wanted it to eliminate some fine to medium lines around my lower lip, to tighten the slightly loose skin around my mouth, and to improve the surgical scar near my nose.After waiting six month for the supposed post-procedure collagen READ MORE

Schlerotherapy Worked for Me

I had spider veins on my ankles and lower legs and a few just above the knee. They would probably have been considered mild in severity. I had them injected and the results have been good. Not every one that was done went away, but the great majority of them did or improved significantly. I did have brown spots for maybe three to six months in some places. I wore the compression hose... READ MORE

Face and Neck Lift Expensive but Worth It - Phoenix, AZ

I had a face and neck lift done five years ago at age 54. I was starting to get jowls, and my neck was developing a small wattle. I did a lot of research before the procedure and had consultations with several doctors. I avoided the doctors who were pushing procedures beyond what I was interested in. One even took my face and squeezed it into an ugly positon and said that if I didn't... READ MORE

Using Retin-A for 15 Years. It Helps over Time.

I've used Retin-A for over fifteen years. I buy it when I go to Mexico because it's so much cheaper.Even after using it all this time, I don't use it every night. I use it every other night or two out of three nights. My face still peels from using it more often.I defintely think it helps keep my skin smooth and minimizes fine wrinkles, but doesn't stop them from forming altogether. It... READ MORE

Upper Eyelids - Long Lasting Results from 10 Yrs Ago

I had my upper eyelids done ten years ago at age 49. I chose an ocular plastic surgeon, because all he works on is eyes. He's the person people go to when their surgery has been blotched.Ten years later, I am still very happy with the surgery. It made more of a difference in my appearance than anything else I've had done. He made my uneven eyelids symmetrical, and the tired look continues to... READ MORE

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I really don't know what it is but right where the neck meets the jaw bone, right under the ears, I can feel it but I'm so used to it that it doesn't bother me. I should tell you that about 6 months ago I had a submentoplasty because... READ COMMENT

For me and for my husband, Youthology did work. He has thick skin with heavy bags, and I have thin skin with slight droopiness. Sudden Change did the same thing for about 1/4 of the money. I'm wondering if people who had bad results are... READ COMMENT

{Edited} was my surgeon. At the time, five years ago, he was the chief of plastic surgery at Good Samaritan Hospital. You can find cheaper, but I know he is competent.Edited by Tom: As mentioned by Sharon, the doctor's name is shown... READ COMMENT

I'm now on day 9 and much better. I had been pretty miserable up to day 5, when I went into my doctor's office for a followup visit. They removed a lot of dead skin that apparently, I hadn't been aggressive enough in removing for fear... READ COMMENT

I am so glad to hear that someone feels optimistic on day 5. I've just started day 4 and hoped to wake up to more improvement than I did. The swelling is going down a little, but I still look like a monster. My mouth and eyes are... READ COMMENT