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I Really Love My New Bum

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Brazilian Butt Lift

3 Sep 2017, Created 16 days ago

Ali Adibfar, MD, DDS

5 out of 5 stars

Love my new butt I'm just in my third month , recovering from a Brazilian butt lift. I'm thrilled with the results , so far very nice ! And given this is not my first cosmetic surgery I definitely understand how long it takes to heal not to mention , can appreciate how much care Dr Adibfar and his staff put into looking after me . He really cares and for this I'm grateful That being said... READ MORE

i love my new tummy and curves. Ontario, CA

Thank you Dr.Adibfar for restoring my contours and making me feel confident enough to wear my bikini on the beach again. I had excess skin on my abdomen after having twins . Dr.Adibfar performed tummy tuck and lipo suction to restore my pre-baby contours . The procedure was very well explained . I was advised to change and maintain a healthy diet prior to , after my surgery. I was also kept... READ MORE

I Look Better Now Than in my 20s ! -Toronto, ON

I spent a lot of time chasing down bad guys in Miami on a popular show time series. So its no surprise I am a runner at heart. Staying healthy has always been a part of my routine. But there is no way I can compete with some of the A- listers in my field of work if I do not keep up my looks and figure - its not the aging part that worries me , its the feeling and staying beautiful that's... READ MORE

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Although I appreciate the good intentions behind this post , there are some comments made that I totally disagree with and with that in mind think you should realize unless you're an expert on the subject be careful on what is your view... READ COMMENT

You are right to be hesitant.Go see three other cosmetic dentist before you commit to the one you have been going to for twenty years.Cosmetic denistry is not the same as doing regular old dental work - cosmetic requires more overview... READ COMMENT

I think you need to see a doctor - your comment " ruined my face " and "migrated" is concerning . I have used this paticular filler for many years ...LOVE IT !! sorry I totally disagree with your comment . This filler has been used for... READ COMMENT

Your title says " horrendous experience with Teosyal " - you should change it to, "picked unqualified filler injector ". Your post caught my attention , I have used Teosyal , and no issues - love my results . I have used it in my tear... READ COMMENT

Thank you for your sharing your story . I had Teosyal fillers for my cheeks annd eye area . I loved the results . I did not care about about the price as much as I cared about the skills of my surgeon . Dr. Adibfar , Toronto did an... READ COMMENT