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Hi. I know your post was 2 years ago. Just wondering what ever happened with your belly swelling and sore muscles? I am 16 weeks post op and I am experiencing swelling in the upper abdomen area and it hurts to touch. Hoping its just... READ COMMENT

Thank you! I'm glad to hear that hopefully this swelling is normal. Where its swollen hurts to touch too but I'm also not as numb there as I was before. I see my PS again at 3 months so as long as the swelling doesn't get worse, I'll... READ COMMENT

I'll be at 10 weeks post op in 2 days and I am very swollen. Mainly belly button level up. I've gone back to work recently and also just started my period yesterday so I'm not sure if I should panic and call my PS or wait and see if its... READ COMMENT

I'll try my best not to sneeze - or cough - I've heard that hurts like hell too :) Thanks so much!! Love hearing the stories where there's no regret!! READ COMMENT

Thank you SO much for posting this! Really needed to hear some good news from someone who had a TT AND muscle repair. So glad to hear your recovery is going well! READ COMMENT