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I meant filled you expanders READ COMMENT

I had extreme pain after my first fill and my doctor said the CC's must just be too much for my body, so next time I did less. The pain was still there for a few days after every fill but much moe manageable. I can't believe they Gilles... READ COMMENT

I'm just a little over 2 years past my surgery, but know feel like I have some type of lump on the bottom left of my right breast. I feel like it may be that the actually implant has shifted, but what worries me is if I push underneath... READ COMMENT

Thanks. My Mickey mouse hands seem to be getting worse not better. Going to give the mastectomy surgeon a call. Best wishes.. READ COMMENT

I had no pain after my implants and actually had my surgery on a Friday and was back to work on that Monday. Please go for a second opinion something doesn't sound right. Feel better soon.. READ COMMENT