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Post-op Breast Reduction Appearance?

Why has post-op breast appearance improved so dramaticly in beauty and shape over what it used to be? READ MORE

Can oral contraceptives cause breast growth?

I was talking to my young cousin who had always felt self-concious about her small breasts. She told me that after starting on birth control pills she was pleased with how her... READ MORE

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I'm considering breast reduction, but I have issues and fears. I lost my husband two years ago. He loved my body and always complimented me. Since he has been gone, I find... READ MORE

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It's good to hear you're finding some solace and resolution. Your first doctor seems so disrespectful and negligent. READ COMMENT

I commend you on being so fit. You such a nice physique all ready that I wonder if there is a less drastic and less invasive procedure that would tighten the skin in your midsection without surgery and the scaring. READ COMMENT

I don't think your PS made a "mistake". She just did what she wanted and ignored your request. How could she possibly be that far off? READ COMMENT

It's impossible to predict what effect losing weight will have. Everyone loses body fat in different pattern. Some will lose in their face or chest first and others in their legs or stomach. From looking at your pics, I would say... READ COMMENT

Go ahead and try the weightloss, I recommend carb restriction and low impact and resistence exercises. Once you have lost weight ,and if you still need a reduction, your family will not be able object. READ COMMENT