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Hi Necky, I'm glad your giving people sound advise about these neck procedures. Something your doctor wont tell you. they say on average, be back to work in a one week that's Bologny. That's only if don't want to hang yourself first!... READ COMMENT

Hi Necky, I feel and look the same from what i can tell , i know it's been only 15 days since the surgery , but my neck still looks like it's deformed and swollen. I want to to be isolated from this embarrasment and having to expain... READ COMMENT

Hi Necky, your not alone I am going through my own trama of healing with submentalplasty with neck liposuction. My neck looks hideous right now 13 days into it. I'm depressed as well, I go to the doctor today to find out if there's... READ COMMENT

I'm with you ,. I had neck lipo surgery done and and my neck ballooned up. I a possible infection?? , i go in for a post surg. appointment tommorrow. hope not. thanks for your post, hope you get through it and myself. READ COMMENT