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Tummy Tuck Bruise & Developed a Blister? (photo)

I am 3 weeks post op Lipo/TT/Fat transfer to Butt. After week 2 a bruise appeared on one side. Other side is healing nicely, so is front. I noticed a little red dark spot a few... READ MORE

Did I Get a Bad Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I can't help but compare & notice how pretty some scars and tummys look at 3 wks post op compared to mine! One side looks like excess skin hanging out, the other isn't... READ MORE

Bad Bruising, Swelling & an Indent/cave in by Pubic Area?

3 wks post op, TT/Lipo/Fat Transfer. I feel like everything went wrong! I compare myself to other ladies at 3 wks & they dont look as bad as I do. I know swelling is normal... READ MORE

Why Am I Feeling Pain a Month After my Fat Transfer to Butt?

5 wks postop & about a week ago I started feeling pain. All along the inside of my butt crack from top to bottom, on the left side, is HARD & it hurts. Swollen. I didnt... READ MORE

My Doctors VS Another Dr? 1 Months After BBL.

4 wks after my BBL my left butt cheek got hard, swollen & extremely painful to sit! I can feel a marble size area where it hurts most. I am now 6 wks & pain moved to my... READ MORE