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How soon after BR have you scheduled a mammogram?

I was due for my routine mammogram one month post-op so it was cancelled and my surgeon recommended 6 months post-op. I am dreading it! My mammograms hurt terribly prior to... READ MORE

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I never cried an never felt depressed, but it took my breasts 4 months to fall into a softer and normal shape, I was a little worried when they looked boxy. While I am happy with my new size and shape and symmetry, there is something... READ COMMENT

I never used tape, it was never mentioned by my PS. I also chose not to use silicone strips/tape. I used only Vit E cream and sometimes cocoa butter and had my 6 month (final) check-up last eek and he said my scars look flatter than... READ COMMENT

It was! I hate going for them, wish there was a better way to see inside. READ COMMENT

I have no pain at all during the day and with 99% of activity but am very surprised at more than 5.5 months post-op to STILL feel tenderness at the lower large incisions. When I press on them, there is residual soreness. I have a... READ COMMENT