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Odds of Lower Lid Retraction Resolving Spontaneously? What Does Literature Say About Time Frames, Conservative Measures Etc?

Had lower lid bleph, with outside incisions 12 days ago. One eyelid retracted significantly (5mm) with slight outward 'roll'. Ps initially said 'swelling' but now have feeling... READ MORE

How Do You Asess 12 Days out if It's Ectropion or Swelling Beneath Lower Lid Causing Retraction?

Post lower blepharoplasty. 12 days out. One eye is great and swollen. The other less swollen and significantly retracted (5mm) with bowing, and slight out turn of lower lid.... READ MORE

Post Bleph Ectropion. Need One Eye Repaired. Surgeons in Toronto Area Who Specialize in This? Cost?

Please don't tell me to massage it. The masseuse for the Olympic team is not bringing this back to life. It is not caused by too much skin cutting that much is apparent. When... READ MORE

Repairing bad blepharoplasty in Toronto, Ontario. Is it possible? What is a ballpark this may cost? Who can do it?

Had blepharoplasty 20 mths ago by an MD FRCS (C). While my surgeon is a great guy I have now required two corrections. The first on one eye (16 weeks after) to correct severe... READ MORE

I had a lower bleph. It left me with lumps on the outside lower part of orbits and odd corners of eye. Can this be fixed?(photo)

I had a lower bleph with 2 corrections. One for ectropion, the other for a poor 'meet,' of the eye edge. on my right eye, the top eyelid comes down too far. I also have a large... READ MORE