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Hey SulyRu- you look great btw, although we are our own worst critics. Isn't it amazing if we all look at our husbands body's they just don't care and they get away with it!! I wish you a speedy and safe recovery. Make sure you have at... READ COMMENT

Nice article on spitting stitches and after care: What is spitting a stitch? I know. There are things which seem so normal to us surgeons, which the normal patient looks at and thinks, “What?!” We surgeons sew. We stitch a lot. Whe... READ COMMENT

I used to dream that i woke up from the anesthetic right in the middle of the surgery - so alarming that i HAD to discuss with my PS who looked at me like i was from mars. Needless to say, don't discuss your dreams with PS!!! READ COMMENT

PS- talk to the DOC about wearing the CG in flight. It can cause respiratory complications as well as DVT and stroke. just a heads up to talk to PS about it before you go. Flying can be brutal on the bod. I swell up after regular... READ COMMENT

Im 5.5 and def not ready to travel. The flight to Aus (unless you are upfront in a flatbed) is HORRIBLE. I cant sit in a car for an hour let alone a plane for 20 hours. At my healthiest, the first 3 days in Australia is pure hell with... READ COMMENT