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East Asian Rhinoplasty. The skin on my bridge and around the nostrils feels tight, and the tip and columella are firm.

I'm 43 days post-op. My surgeon placed a graft (ear & septum cartilage) on my bridge. He also put grafts (ear cartilage) in my tip and columella and performed alar base... READ MORE

East Asian Rhinoplasty. Rigidness 43 days After Nose Augmentation?

  My surgeon placed a graft (ear & septum cartilage) on my bridge. He also put grafts (ear cartilage) in my tip and columella and performed alar base reduction. 1) The... READ MORE

Alar Base Reduction Scar, Laser Treatment?

I'm 2 months post-op. There's redness and a few visible holes in the scars along the creases of my nose (I had to pull out 2 or 3 stitches myself at 1 month post-op because the... READ MORE

Shiny Nose After Asian Rhinoplasty?

I'm a 20-year old East Asian female and have medium to thin skin. My surgeon put a cartilage graft on the bridge of my nose. He didn't dice the cartilage or use fascia. Now I'm... READ MORE

East Asian Eyelid Anatomy, Lacking Socket Line? (photo)

I've seen the "socket line" mentioned in every eye makeup tutorial. However, my eyelids are really thick. The socket line simply does not exist. I was born with ptosis and have... READ MORE

Tightness After Epicanthoplasty, Revision? (photo)

I had epicanthoplasty four months ago. Now the inner corners of my eyes have scar formation and feel tight, especially when I attempt to raise my eyebrows. Is this permanent or... READ MORE

What Are the Side Effects of Local Anesthesia During Blepharoplasty?

Will the injections be painful? Will the eyelids be swollen and puffy with the volume of anesthesia in them? If so, how can the surgeon still see their shape and problems... READ MORE

How Are the Bones Kept in Place After Being Broken for Nasal Bone Narrowing? Glue?

I'm east asian and underwent nasal bone narrowing in the orient. My surgeon placed a graft (septal cartilage) on top of my bridge without my consent. Because I have thin skin,... READ MORE

Palpable Bony Edges After Nasal Bone Narrowing?

I had rhinoplasty 5 months ago that included nasal bone narrowing. Now when I put my finger in my nose, I can feel bony edges on the nasal walls, and the skin covering these... READ MORE

To What Extent Can You Understand What Went Wrong in a Patient's Last Rhinoplasty Without Opening Up Their Nose to See?

How accurately can revision rhinoplasty surgeons evaluate the problems and determine what needs to be done in pre-operation examinations? How often do you discover problems... READ MORE

How Do Ear and Septal Cartilage Grafts Stay in Place After Rhinoplasty?

After rhinoplasty, do the grafts gradually grow into natural tissues in the nose or do they have to be held together by some external force, such as glue? There's a graft in my... READ MORE

Could an Open Roof Deformity from a Primary Rhinoplasty Be Corrected with a Closed Revision Rhinoplasty?

Since my first surgery was open, I'm worried that another open rhinoplasty would result in unfavorable scars... READ MORE

Could Rhinoplasty Result in Thick Scar Tissue on the Septum?

I'm east asian, 5 months post op. My doctor harvested ear and septal cartilage for grafts. I don't know what else he did on the septum, but now there's a raised formation on... READ MORE

What Can You Do to Reduce the Thickness and Puffiness of Asian Eyelids?

Is muscle removed? If so, will it have a negative impact on the eyelid's function? READ MORE

In Revision Rhinoplasty, Can You Have an Entire Cartilage Graft Removed with No Residue Left?

If so, how can you tell if there's no residue, especially when using the closed approach? READ MORE

Can You Please Explain How This Type of Eyelid Surgery Revision is Performed?

I had epicanthoplasty 7 months ago. Now the corner of my eye is too sharp and too much tear duct is exposed. I also have mild ectropion following the surgery. Can you please... READ MORE

In Revision Rhinoplasty, Can You Remove Only Part of a Cartilage Graft?

I'm east asian and had rhinoplasty 7 months ago. My surgeon placed a cartilage graft (ear and septal) directly inside my nose (no dicing, no fascia or any other wrapping). I'm... READ MORE

In a Pre-operative Examination, Can You Tell How Much a Patient's Nasal Cartilage Has Been Altered in Their Previous Surgery?

Can you tell how much of their natural cartilage is left without having to open up the nose? Do you look at noses under a microscope or other special equipment to evaluate them? READ MORE