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Should I Have a Revision for This? (photo)

After children and breastfeeding I decided to have a breast augmentation thirteen months ago. I had 230 cc silicon, high profile, textured implants placed in front of the... READ MORE

I might have a rupture in my implant, do I need a scan?

I am looking to have a revision for asymmetry. During a consultation I had the surgeon told me my implant on left side had turned the wrong way round and that there might be a... READ MORE

Will high cohesive implants give me visible edge in the upper pole area? (photo)

My surgeon recommends replacing my Allergan CUI implants for the better quality Nagor. The CUI are a 95% silicon gel filled type of implant. The Nagors are soft touch, high... READ MORE

Is it safe to take 800mg of vitamin E to prevent CC?

My right breast feels a little bit firmer then the left and in order to prevent further hardening of the capsule I have been taking 800mg of vitamin E for six weeks. Is it safe... READ MORE

Is Singulair safe and can it really stop the progression of capsular contracture or reverse it?

I had my initial breast implant surgery four years ago and a revision with both implants exchanged two years ago. The revision was successful but now two years later my right... READ MORE

Can drains cause capsular contracture?

My surgeon used drains after surgery and they were taken out the next day. One year post op I started to develop CC in one of my breasts. Could the usage of drains have caused... READ MORE

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How do you feel about your surgery now? Are you still as doubtful or do you feel a little bit happier with your result? I have to say I think you look perfect, if there is such a thing... Have you noticed how the tip of your nose... READ COMMENT

You look really wonderful, It's hard to believe you are only 6 days out of surgery! Why did your surgeon decide to remove the pocket? I know different surgeons have different thoughts regarding that. What is the NHS policy when it comes... READ COMMENT

Stunningly beautiful! There is no other way to describe you. Enjoy it! READ COMMENT

This makes my blood boil! This boy should be severely punished for manipulating you like this! I don't know why he feels he has the right to criticise and pick on you like this but I bet he isn't half as good looking as you are, am I... READ COMMENT

It is interesting that you now in hindsight think that you were too critical of your nose, it's like you finally have expected it, but of course now you don't have it anymore... I wonder if you were to have a second op, would you look... READ COMMENT