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Should I Have a Revision for This? (photo)

After children and breastfeeding I decided to have a breast augmentation thirteen months ago. I had 230 cc silicon, high profile, textured implants placed in front of the... READ MORE

I might have a rupture in my implant, do I need a scan?

I am looking to have a revision for asymmetry. During a consultation I had the surgeon told me my implant on left side had turned the wrong way round and that there might be a... READ MORE

Will high cohesive implants give me visible edge in the upper pole area? (photo)

My surgeon recommends replacing my Allergan CUI implants for the better quality Nagor. The CUI are a 95% silicon gel filled type of implant. The Nagors are soft touch, high... READ MORE

Is it safe to take 800mg of vitamin E to prevent CC?

My right breast feels a little bit firmer then the left and in order to prevent further hardening of the capsule I have been taking 800mg of vitamin E for six weeks. Is it safe... READ MORE

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How do you feel about the size now? I think 300 or 320 will look just perfect judging by these pictures. I thought the rice test was really accurate. READ COMMENT

First of all I want to say well done and thank you for being so honest. I think many women here on realself must go through emotional ups and downs but it's not something you hear about very often on this site. I was really panicked in... READ COMMENT

You look fantastic and from now on it just gets better and better! I think around 6 weeks is a good time to get measured. By then all the swelling will be gone. You are totally right about "owning"them. It's all about attitude, it's our... READ COMMENT

Sounds like you have a lot going on and I can understand the worry about moving back to NZ. Have you paid them? It might be better to wait and do it in NZ for the after care etc. If you have paid and there is no going back don't worry... READ COMMENT

Sorry I didn't see your question until now. I never wear a bra in bed, I would really be uncomfortable if I had to wear a bra while sleeping! You will be absolutely fine to whip your bra off at home and if it's hot in the summer etc.... READ COMMENT