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To answer your question, she is only removing a part of her tattoo because she doesn't want to remove it all. It was bigger than she was thinking it would be and want to make it smaller. Have a nice day READ COMMENT

Hi Eva, I have just seen for the first time "Seven years in Tibet" and it was such a great movie with a Buddhist message. I especially liked the part where they go through the struggle to get to the Dalai Lama saying that "the longest... READ COMMENT

What about you Mike? How are you holding on? READ COMMENT

Dear Eva, Thank you for your message And for the time you took to describe me your introduction into Buddhism. I have though about it since I have visited countries such as Thailand and Cambodia. Now I live in China which is a bit... READ COMMENT

Dear Eva, Thank your for your message. I also very like the way your approach the inconvenience. I also was very attached to my physical appearance..certainly too much and took advantage of it. I have also been quite judging on the... READ COMMENT