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Implant Removal and Mastopexy

Like most getting implants removed, I didn't care for the look anymore. I never liked my implants, always found them too big and longed for the day to have them removed. I had a mastopexy performed at the same time. I told Dr McCormack that I didn't care about size, I just wanted pretty. That is exactly what I got. She worked very hard to give me what I wanted and I appreciate the extra... READ MORE

Upper Eye Lids - Tired of Looking Tired -Reno, NV

What feels like a "no brainer" surgery was really a nerve wracking surgery (it's your face) performed by an amazing doctor. My husband was not for me doing anything to my face. I came home from the surgery and the results were so amazing he wondered if maybe he needed his lids done. I combined the surgery with an implant removal (no replacement) and mastopexy. If not for the downtime of... READ MORE

Total FX -Reno, NV

I'm 48 years old, fair skinned, grew up in So Cal at the beach and have been a user of sunscreen my entire life from pure necessity. I had Total FX to improve skin tone and texture while softening wrinkles. I went into the laser with a bit of apprehension as I was not disappointed with my aging up to this point and had read mixed reviews. As Dr M's nurse Susan said, "There's a lot of trust... READ MORE

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My only regret is not doing it sooner! I'm responding on my phone and can't recall all of what I originally posted. I knew I didn't want implants again and told Tiffany not to leave any room for a later revision. As she marked me in... READ COMMENT

Duh! Feb 27, 2013 READ COMMENT

No capsulectomies. From my understanding, because mine were under the muscle the capsules can or do attach to the ribs and then the dr would be poking around necessary organs to remove them. I may have my facts a bit askew, but the... READ COMMENT

Yes, I did have drains. My surgery was on a Wed and by Sat I had very little drainage. I called my Dr office Monday and asked if I could come in that day and have them removed. Depending on the Dr, they want 20 or 30cc or less in a 24... READ COMMENT

Removal and lift on March 27, 2013 READ COMMENT