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The Truth after 6 weeks and 2 days PO FTT/MR/Lipo

Hello my fellow Tummy Tuckers and Real Selfers! My name is LexC, and I literally itching with excitement because today I scheduled myself for a long awaited, much deserved Mommy Tuck! And by that I mean a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and a little lipo love! I am all of 23 years old, but the past 3 years have aged me tremendously, gracefully of course :). I have to beautiful... READ MORE

Questions from SexyLexC_AFwife

Can You Tell Me if I Have Enough Skin for a Low Tummy Tuck Scar? (photo)

I am only 4'11" and I have a rather short torso, my main fear for my TT is that I will not be able to conceal my scar under a bikini bottom. I know it is hard to tell for... READ MORE

Do TT Incision That is Straight Across and Low, Create More of a Boxy Muffin Top Shape than the Traditional U Incision? (photo)

I am 4'11" 118 lbs. I have a waist so I am not naturally square shaped, just petite. My PS said he prefers straight across incisions because they are more easily hidden in... READ MORE

Is This Visceral Fat? Will It Adversely Effect my Tummy Tuck Results? (photo)

I am scheduled for a FTT/MR/Lipo of Flanks on 3/26/13. I have seen my PS and he promised me an optimal result. I am very comfortable with him, however, I worry that the bulge... READ MORE

Is This a Good Indication of the Result I Can Expect?

Hello doctors, I am worried about my expectations for my tt on 3/26/13. When I suck my stomach in and push the skin to the side, my belly looks pretty good but I'm wondering if... READ MORE

Why Are my Ab Muscles Still Weak 17 Days PO and I Get Up Unassisted?

I had a ftt/mr/lipo of flanks 17 days ago. I am thrilled with my results and although the MR pain has subsided substantially, I still do not have full strength in my abs. I... READ MORE

Is This a Normal Result 17days PO FTT/MR/Lipo of Flanks? Rolls? (photo)

Hi I am 17days PO from a FTT/MR and Lipo of Flanks. I took the pics seated early in the morning immediately after removing my binder and CG (I wear them both together) . I... READ MORE

Does This Look Like an Acceptable Result 3 Wks PO FTT/MR/Lipo of Flanks? (photo)

Hi Doctors! I am 3 weeks PO FTT/MR/Lipo of flanks. I feel that my result is unacceptable. I have read and researched and reached out to my PS and his nurse many times to... READ MORE

Why Do I Look Pregnant 4.5 Weeks PO? (photo)

I am a little over 4 weeks PO a FTT/MR/ Lipo of flanks. Since PO day one I noticed a bulge above my bb and was told it was swelling, now that my swelling has gone down in the... READ MORE

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Hey girl! First Off, You look amazing! As far as the roll when sitting, I asked my PS about this and he said it was necessary to keep a little "slack" in the skin to make sure the patient can stand up straight. If they pull the skin too... READ COMMENT

THanks so much! Lol, idk about that, I'm workin on it though! READ COMMENT

LOL Thanks so much! I am a little bit of an annoying perfectionist lol, spelling errors irk me, what can I say? But apparently, I 'm human and I can't spell, oh well lol. READ COMMENT

Hey Jen! We are doing well, thanks! Just updated my review, on my way to catch up on yours :) How r u feeling? READ COMMENT

Hey girl, I am struggling with upper ab swelling answer your question a seroma feels sloshy like a waterbed and will ripple of u press on it. However, a hematoma is a hard ball. It could very well be swelling, or worse case... READ COMMENT