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That's amazing you had your original implants for 22 years! Glad you were able to get a refresh! Did you get saline or silicone this time? Will your old bras still fit or are you going to treat yourself to some new ones? ;) READ COMMENT

Glad you're happy with your revision! How was your recovery? Did you have to buy new bras or did your current bras work fine? Thank you for sharing with us on RealSelf! READ COMMENT

Congratulations on your lift! So glad you're happy with your results! Have you needed to purchase new bras or do your current bras fit fine...just better?  READ COMMENT

Glad you found us @2015LasVegas16! Have you seen our Doctor Finder page? There are old breast implant revision forums like this one that you might want to search for that way. Feel free to start a pre op review so we can follow your ... READ COMMENT

So glad you can do something special for yourself! I am certain that all your time and research will pay off with great results. Glad you're getting the lift now, and not a year from now. Your results should last a long time. Feel free ... READ COMMENT